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The movie “fishing for the world” is filed on November 25 to heal and accompany you to warm up the winter-qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: The movie “Fishing the World” will be filed on November 25 to heal and accompany you to warm up the winter

Directed by Xie Xiaodong and starred by Huang Cailun, Hu Bo, and Feng Qinchuan, the comedy movie “Fishing the World” released the ultimate poster and officially announced that it will be filed until November 25 to land on the national theaters. The materials released by the film party this time show the film’s calm, natural, warm and healing temperament at a glance. Starting from the “heart” to produce with heart, November 25th is Thanksgiving, I believe the film will live up to the audience’s expectations. A casual encounter, an unforgettable love, a funny journey of warm and transforming is about to begin! Come to the theater and feel the healing that can warm you all winter.

Warm and fixed two people look forward to a better future together

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The movie “Fishing the World” recently exposed the ultimate poster. Under the warm colors, the colorful halo presents a dreamlike and warm atmosphere, overflowing with a strong sweet love. After the wind and rain, the two people watched each other quietly, each with a similar happy expression on their faces. After experiencing a series of absurd and funny adventures, the seemingly ordinary two-person photo scene was so touching. The poster’s slogan “Suffering to Suffering” inadvertently stretched the thoughts, as if to indicate that behind the poster’s warm and peaceful scene, a heart-wrenching drama about waiting is being staged.

Depend on each other and keep the gold medal team hand in hand to bring joy

The movie “Fishing the World” tells the story of Ma Tianyi, played by Huang Cailun, in order to prove to his lover that he can bring her happiness and want to start a business to make a lot of money. As a representative of contemporary comedy, Ma Tianyi, a small character played by Huang Cailun, represents a kind of “running away” in the first half, exhausted, exhausted, and embarrassed, and can’t take care of the future; in the second half of the film, Ma Tianyi chooses Family and love represent a kind of return, returning to spiritual pastoral and spiritual homeland, rethinking the value and meaning of life. It is worth mentioning that this is not only the first time a comedy movie starring Huang Cailun has entered the Lunar New Year file, it is also the first collaboration between him and the twisted actor Feng Qinchuan. What kind of sparks will the two collide with? It is worth looking forward to!

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The movie “Catch the World” is produced by Beijing Yinmeng Film and Television Art Co., Ltd., Tang Qianyan Wuxi Film Co., Ltd., Bilibili Film (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Chongyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and Beijing Shangbo Culture Media Co., Ltd. , Pearl River Pictures Media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Times Cinema Line Co., Ltd., Beijing Dahuan Films Co., Ltd., Ningyang Films (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Jade Culture Media (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shangyi Media Co., Ltd. Company, Zhejiang Baoxing Culture Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xiya Qiying Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Weiyou Impression (Beijing) International Culture Media Co., Ltd., Star Century (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Film Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou It is jointly produced by Lin’an District Film Distribution and Exhibition Co., Ltd., and it will be uploaded to Thanksgiving on November 25, so stay tuned!


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