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The movie “Fishing the World” is set for November 26th, all the stars gather to “Cross the rivers and lakes together”-qianlong.cn

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Source Title: The movie “Fishing the World” is set on November 26th

Directed by Xie Xiaodong and starred by Huang Cailun, Hu Bo, and Feng Qinchuan, the comedy movie “Fishing the World” has recently released a finalized poster and trailer, and announced it will be released on November 26. On the poster, the three starring actors’ funny and exaggerated action expressions and the landmark landscapes around the world behind them combine funny elements with exotic scenery, trying to present an unprecedented “twist-like comedy” to the audience.

“Living the world” in Cantonese means “breaking the rivers and lakes”. As the title says, “Living the world” mainly tells about Ma Tianyi, played by Huang Cailun, in order to prove to her lover that she can bring happiness to her. Starting a business to earn a lot of money, and taking a good brother to embark on a story about a wonderful adventure and a hilarious journey around the world. The film “Fishing the World” focuses the lens on the world in the eyes of the little people, and speaks for every Chinese power and Chinese wisdom that struggles and never falls. In the trailer, Huang Cailun has unexpectedly experienced a series of bizarre dramatic events, but relying on Chinese power and Chinese wisdom to solve world-wide problems, people are looking forward to it.

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There have been many comedy films released in recent years, but most of them are full of love and fantasy elements. As a rare comedy masterpiece in the Lunar New Year archives, the movie “Fishing the World” has gathered many “familiar faces”: the happy twist feat actor Huang Cailun is known as the “comedy geek”; Feng Qinchuan, who is also a member of the happy twist, is a “twist double”. A member of “Jiao”, his stage works are widely recognized; the cooperation between the two is full of “CP sense”. In addition, Zhang Zihao, who has attracted attention from the role of “Liang Guo” in “Pipiru and Luxisi: The Canned Man”, will also work with Huang Cailun to interpret the male lead this time, as the young Ma Tianyi, the new The old collision is full of highlights.

The movie “Catch the World” is produced by Beijing Yinmeng Film and Television Art Co., Ltd., Tang Qianyan Wuxi Film Co., Ltd., Bilibili Film (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Chongyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and Beijing Shangbo Culture Media Co., Ltd. , Pearl River Pictures Media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Times Cinema Line Co., Ltd., Beijing Dahuan Films Co., Ltd., Ningyang Films (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Jade Culture Media (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shangyi Media Co., Ltd. Company, Zhejiang Baoxing Culture Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xiya Qiying Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Weiyou Impression (Beijing) International Culture Media Co., Ltd., Star Century (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Film Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou It is jointly produced by Lin’an Film Distribution and Exhibition Co., Ltd., so stay tuned!

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