Home Entertainment The movie “Hello, Beijing” is scheduled to be released on May 1, and the trailer will be released.

The movie “Hello, Beijing” is scheduled to be released on May 1, and the trailer will be released.

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Original title: The movie “Hello, Beijing” is scheduled to be released on May 1st, and the theater group will gather to interpret the inspirational life.

Recently, the realistic movie “Hello, Beijing” was announced to be released on April 30, and the film side officially released the “Dream Chaser” version of the finalized poster. The film is directed and produced by Cao Qianqian, starring An Zehao, Liu Ben, Li Feiran, Hai Yitian, Guo Jinglin, Zhang Xilin, and Xu Zheng as a special star. The story tells the urban fable of three little people struggling and living in the sun in the city of Beijing. As the first choice inspirational blockbuster of the year, the film “Hello, Beijing” is scheduled for this year’s “May 1st Labor Day”. The film will be The camera is aimed at all dream chasers on the road to struggle, guarding every firm and brave heart. The film will be shown nationwide on April 30.

Guard the brave “Dream Chaser” on the road of struggle

In the poster of “Dream Chaser” released today, a strong cast of leading actors was exposed, with super-strong actors such as An Zehao, Xu Zheng, Hai Yitian, Guo Jinglin, and Zhang Xilin making heavy appearances, as well as new talents such as Liu Ben, Li Feiran, and Hong Jianing. Joining forcefully, we will jointly interpret the joys and sorrows and joys, sorrows and joys that the Beipiao family in modern Beijing is going through. In the poster, Beipiao people from all walks of life have dreams, run hard, and forge ahead bravely, showing us the firm look of hard work and progress on the road of struggle. As for this super-strong cooperation between the former star representatives of Shanghai Theater Academy, the news has aroused heated discussions as soon as the news was officially announced, and the audience expressed their full expectations for this inspirational blockbuster that combines quality and energy.

The movie “Hello, Beijing” uses three moving stories of Beipiao people of different identities, ages and occupations to reflect each of you, me and him who persist in dreams and work hard on and off the screen. Cao Qianqian, the director and director of the film, said that “struggle is the most beautiful appearance in life”. This sentence profoundly interprets for us: no matter in the adversity of life, in the time of helplessness and loss, in the confusion of turning points, we can persevere The original intention, flying against the wind, gathering the power of dreams, integrating youth, blood, sweat and passion into the struggle, striving to move forward on the road to realize the dream, and pursuing the wonderful chapter of life with persistence and stubbornness.

Won a number of awards and was shortlisted for the “Shangxi Tiantuuan” assembly before it was released

The film “Hello, Beijing” has won 11 international awards so far. At the 13th Macau International Film Festival, it won three golden lotus trophies, namely the Best Director Newcomer Award, Best Supporting Actor Award, and Outstanding Newcomer Award. Big winner. Previously, the film has won the Outstanding Film Award, Best Actress, Best New Director Award and Best New Actor Award at the 9th New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival. The quality of the film has been greatly recognized by the industry.

The film “Hello, Beijing” is the first peak gathering of Shanghai Theater Academy. As representatives of Shanghai Theater Academy’s outstanding graduates, Cao Qianqian, Xu Zheng, An Zehao, Wang Qianhua, Hai Yitian, Wang Xin, Bai Yongcheng, Fu Chengpeng, Shen Xiaohai, Zhang Xilin, Sun Xun, Li Shengze and others have shone brightly and brilliantly with their superb acting skills in many film and television dramas over the years. After being away from campus for many years, everyone lost their innocence and accumulated energy. Finally, their dreams came true in the movie “Hello, Beijing”, forming the strongest alliance, and reuniting again to create this good work with laughter and tears and affectionate interpretation.

The movie “Hello, Beijing” is produced by Yingzhi Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. and jointly produced by Zhongyin Holdings Group Co., Ltd., and Kwong Zhiliang, the best editing winner of the Hong Kong Film Awards, serves as the editing director of the film, and the film of the Hong Kong Film Awards Liao Jiawen, the nominee for the Best Sound Effects Award at the festival, and Huang Haoshen, the gold-medal colorist, mastered the sound and visual effects. This year’s first-choice inspirational movie will be released nationwide on April 30. Please look forward to how the various life on the road of chasing dreams will be staged.


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