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The movie “Heroes of Dunhuang” releases the finale poster and special feature Zhang Yu, Dou Xiao, Lei Jiayin, and the ambition to live up to Dunhuang DayDayNews

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The movie “Heroes of Dunhuang” releases the finale poster and special feature Zhang Yu, Dou Xiao, Lei Jiayin, and the ambition to live up to Dunhuang DayDayNews

Original title: The movie “Heroes of Dunhuang” releases the finale poster and special feature Zhang Yu, Dou Xiaolei, Jiayin and Aspirations to live up to Dunhuang

Sohu Entertainment News, directed by Cao Dun, written by Ma Boyong, and Zhang Peng as the action director, is an action-historical film “Dunhuang Heroes” that was filmed simultaneously in Dunhuang, Qinghai, and Xiangshan. At the same time, the filming poster and filming special were released, and the cast was exposed for the first time. : Zhang Yu, Dou Xiao, Lu Liang, Cai Lu, Zhao Yunzhuo, Gong Lei, Yang Yi, Zhao Wei, Gao Zhiting, Yu Ailei, Lei Jiayin, Zhu Yawen, Li Guangjie. It is reported that the currently exposed cast is only a part, and more outstanding actors will be gradually “unlocked” in the future. The movie “Heroes of Dunhuang” is based on the historical story of Zhang Yichao leading the soldiers and civilians in Shazhou to return to the Tang Dynasty. The “little characters” in life have devoted themselves to the righteous deeds of returning the soil to the Tang Dynasty, and the writing has become a magnificent and passionate epic.

Big actors concentrate on interpreting small roles, real heroes, mural posters, shocking release of the first exposure of the cast

Today’s film releases 13 mural finishing posters, and for the first time exposed some of the cast members, including Zhang Yu (as a wolf kite), Dou Xiao (as Cao Guangzong), Lu Liang (as benevolence and fear of heat), Cai Lu (as Lausanne), Zhao Yunzhuo ( As Zhang Yueya), Gong Lei (as Baiba), Yang Yi (as Zhang Yichao), Zhao Wei (as Master Hongbian), Gao Zhiting (as Cao Shangzhen), Yu Ailei (as Andingchang), Lei Jiayin (as Zhang Xiaojing) ), Zhu Yawen (acting as Gao Jinda), Li Guangjie (acting as Liao Heiyun), veteran actors, powerful factions, and new-generation actors gathered together, it can be described as menacing! It is worth mentioning that Lei Jiayin will appear in the movie “Heroes of Dunhuang” as the elderly Zhang Xiaojing. The hero’s temples are stained with frost, but he is still full of ambition. Once exposed, he will immediately ignite topics on social platforms. Looking at the rock wall, the characters are either glaring or slashing swords, showing the atmosphere of war in the battlefield. The mottled rock color texture makes the texture of the mural particularly prominent, and the unique “Dunhuang Style” poster presents a strong sense of story, and the igniting visual atmosphere of the arrow on the string is unforgettable!

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The movie “Dunhuang Heroes” is based on the history of the soldiers and civilians of Shazhou (“Dunhuang” formerly known as “Shazhou”) returning to the Tang Dynasty. It does not forget that the soldiers and civilians of the Tang Dynasty fought side by side together, only to fulfill the long-cherished wish of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. There were many heroes in this battle of justice, and the “Guiyi Squad” composed of Wolf Kite, Cao Guangzong, Luosang, Zhang Yueya, and Andingchang performed most brilliantly. They did not know each other before, but because of their sincerity to protect the righteousness and the passionate belief in inheriting the loyalty of the soul, they came to the same goal by different routes-holding the armor and holding the army, and vowed to defend Shazhou! They have gradually gathered together on this road, relying on their excellent martial arts and resourcefulness, and more tacit tactical cooperation, in the face of many crises, they wrote a passionate story of “true heroes” as “little characters”.

Heroes of Dunhuang accept soil and return to Tang Dynasty, never forget to return

The film’s finale special was also released today. The special feature reveals the behind-the-scenes footage of the commercial blockbuster “Dunhuang Heroes” with an action history theme for the first time. The heroic spirit that ignites the battlefield, the grand and exquisite narrative structure, and the creative team’s ingenious exploration of the film’s action aesthetics all show their edge in the special feature. The Cao aesthetics constructed by director Cao Dun in “The Twelve Hours of Chang’an” can also be glimpsed in the special series. The magnificent epic style with profound cultural heritage, rich lens language and highly restored historical service The Tao, all radiate the high-level texture that belongs to Cao Dun. The heroic heroes desperately guard Shazhou and go forward one after another. The tragic posture also reflects the director’s precise control of the atmosphere of the plot. The thirteen characters exposed in the first wave appeared one by one in the special series, and the actors showed their attitude and effort to interpret the little characters who are up and down in the battle situation. In addition to the wonderful performance of the “Guiyi Squad”, what kind of blood and ambitions are hidden in the old-age looks displayed by Lei Jiayin and Zhu Yawen is also worth tasting.

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The movie “Heroes of Dunhuang” is the first live-action movie in Beijing’s wonderful “Chinese Youth Universe”. Directed by Cao Dun and written by Ma Boyong, it tells the story of Guiyi heroes and promotes traditional Chinese culture.Return to Sohu to see more

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