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The movie “Legend of the Fox Demon” starts with folklore and strange stories and horrors._TOM Entertainment

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The movie “Legend of the Fox Demon” starts with folklore and strange stories and horrors._TOM Entertainment

Today, it is produced by Shandong Chuxing Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Tianjiang Film Co., Ltd., exclusively announced by Yingmei Media, exclusively produced by Shandong Chunyaer Film Co., Ltd., co-directed by Yu Ge and Zhou Shengxi, Pei Yuanhua, Jingxinxue, Ye The screenwriter, Mr. Jiu, this film specially invites national first-class actor Wang Kuirong to lead the lead role. The specially invited leading actors are: Lin Fengye, Yang Luoqian, Yan Jiaying, Chai Yuanle, Chen Zhengyang, etc. The film “Legend of the Fox Demon” will be released in 2022. On May 4th, the film was launched in Hengdian Film and Television City.

The legend of the strange and the reappearance of folk cultureInnovative adaptation to convey profound ideas

According to the producer Wang Linlin, the story of the movie “The Legend of the Fox Demon” is based on the legendary story of Song Tailai, the “nine master” who was a hunter in ancient Huangwei, who traveled in the folk. This is the first time that ancient and mysterious traditional folk culture and folklore have been integrated . It tells the story of the period of the Republic of China, in remote mountain villages, young girls disappeared one after another, and the legend of fox demons getting married was rampant, and the ignorant and backward people were in a panic. Until a teenager was involved in the whirlpool of fox shadow murder in order to find the missing junior sister, the ordinary junior sister became the source of terror in the mouth of the common people. Just when the two were in a desperate situation, the mysterious “Nine Masters” took action. As the incident deepened, the hidden truth was uncovered bit by bit, but various signs indicated a bigger conspiracy. The eyes watched silently from behind, leading them into the vortex of crisis…

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The chief producer, Ma Ke, introduced that the film adopts the narrative technique of small people and large groups. Through the diversification of the characters in the film, each character is given differentiated functional positioning and character color, creating a very distinctive but closely connected film. Group portrait. In addition, the film relies on the folk legend of the fox marrying his wife, which gives the film a thrilling and eye-catching appearance, but when the film brings the audience into endless imagination and instinctual fear, the truth reveal transitions to value sublimation: What is scary is not the fox demon, but the world‘s various states and complex human hearts manipulated by obsession and desire.

type sheetPowerful creatorteamjoinCreate an oriental horror spectacle

It is reported that the planning team of Shandong Chuxing Film and Television Co., Ltd. has been the core planner since 2019, in order to create the most authentic Oriental monster aesthetic film, and the team has brought the film many times. The play and the main creative team of “Legend of the Fox Demon” have visited many times to collect folk stories, strange stories and legends. The script has been revised several times, and the details have been repeatedly polished, and the traditional Chinese elements have been deeply excavated, trying to present a thrilling feast of audio-visual double impact to the audience. It is understood that the planning team is from Cao County, Heze, Shandong.

The director of “Legend of the Fox Demon”, Yu Ge, has his own unique insights into the thriller genre. His previous work, “Human and Ghost Exchange” series, has achieved good results. With senior skills, his precise grasp of the audience’s needs is one of the content of the film. Big guarantee.

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And the actors of this film are the best among the best. The actor of “Nine Master” Song Tailai is Wang Kuirong, a national first-class actor with both acting skills and reputation. He has created a classic role in many classic works, whether it is a TV series. The pockmarked man in “Dog Punching”, Chen Blind in the online drama “Insect Valley of Yunnan”, and Tian Shouchun in “So Much Beauty” are all impressive; young actors Lin Fengye’s strength should not be underestimated. He has previously appeared in the popular online movies “The Legend of Xing’an Mountains Hunter”, “Ghost Blowing the Lamp: The Fury of Xiangxi”, “Fu Yao Baiyu Town”, etc. His outstanding performance has been unanimously affirmed by the industry and the audience. , this time, incarnated as a scholar Li Changxiao, and tracked down the truth with the demon hunter.

Mysterious and paradoxical folk anecdotes and folk thrillers with unique Chinese flavor, the movie “Legend of the Fox Demon” is worth looking forward to.

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