Home Entertainment The movie “Life and Death EOD” is scheduled to be released on October 5th to pursue the truth of the crime on the front line of life and death jqknews

The movie “Life and Death EOD” is scheduled to be released on October 5th to pursue the truth of the crime on the front line of life and death jqknews

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The movie “Life and Death EOD” is scheduled to be released on October 5th to pursue the truth of the crime on the front line of life and death jqknews

Directed by director Zhang Bo, Duan Bowen, Hu Haobo, Zhao Yanguozhang, Wang Yuzhang, Deng Qinfang, etc.MovieEOD“Officially set for October 5th, oniQIYI broadcast exclusively on the whole network. The film is a key online film and television drama project library project of the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau. With close-to-realistic hard-core bomb disposal scenes and exciting plots of chasing the murderers in the city, it shows the loyalty and duty of contemporary public security officers to maintain social peace and the lives of the people. The spiritual will of property safety and the courage to sacrifice, at the same time, the gripping storyline also gives the audience a double sense of stimulation and oppression both visually and psychologically, which is highly anticipated by netizens.

Life and death limit bomb disposal Emotional escalation behind sin

The movie “Life and Death EOD” tells the story of an explosion crisis in a southern city. Facing the silent battlefield, the SWAT team used fearlessness and original intention to continuously resolve the crisis, and built a “Great Wall of Steel” with flesh and blood, saving the The story of the whole city. When the bomb disposal process is uncertain, when the protective equipment cannot resist the fatal impact, the explosive detonators who charge in the front have no way to retreat, and they are resolutely retrograde in order to protect the safety of thousands of people.

The movie

While doing a good job in crime and action types, the film vividly shows emotional dimensions such as family affection, love, and friendship in war. It not only shows the fetters and worries between the detonators and their families, but also digs deep into the motives of the villains. The two villains The revenge and redemption for their respective daughters are equally touching.

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The real adaptation is breathtaking Professional team ingenuity

The story of this film is adapted from a real case. On the basis of respecting the facts, the main creative team has made adaptations and upgrades, combined with a relaxed narrative technique and professional and skilled lens language, making the film both social and commercial. The positive energy also presents an audio-visual feast with a sense of tension and impact to the audience.

The movie

The film “Life and Death EOD” has a professional team to escort it, and continues to increase its weight from production to publicity, striving to bring quality enjoyment to the audience. The production team, Shark Gang, is deeply involved in the male theme track, focusing on specialization, and making good films. This time, under the leadership of director Zhang Bo, the team members went deeper into the SWAT team to experience life and devote themselves to it; one of the producers and the exclusive propaganda team Fafang Rabbit Hole Culture is a youth label of Naifei that focuses on online theaters. Adhering to the creative concept of “making good stories into good works”, it has continuously improved the integration ability of “production, publicity and distribution”, and exported “Xing’an Mountains” to the market. The Legend of the Hunter”, “Surprise · Tunnel Warfare”, “There’s a Good Place in the Tree”, “Evil To Be Evil” and many other box office word-of-mouth masterpieces. Therefore, we believe that “Life and Death EOD” will also achieve a double harvest at the box office and word of mouth with the support of multiple powerful teams.

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The movie

Produced by Tianjin Rabbit Hole Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Fenghai Brothers Culture and Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Jusha Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Naifei Technology Co., Ltd., and the Golden Shield Film and Television Culture Center of the Ministry of Public Security, Guangzhou Seeti Film Co., Ltd. , Vine Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Hubei Xiyun Culture Media Co., Ltd., Hubei Xiyun Culture Media Co., Ltd., Pengcheng Xinhuo Film and Television Culture (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Qizhen Lima Film Co., Ltd. The film jointly produced “EOD” will be broadcast exclusively on iQIYI on October 5th, racing against time, life is hanging by a thread, and the EOD operation is about to start!

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