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The movie “Looking at the Bridge” first exposed the concept posters at the end of June. Hui Yinghong and Hu Xianxu went on a journey of redemption in one car_Zhang Qianying

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Original title: The concept poster of the movie “Looking at the Bridge” was first exposed. At the end of June, the filming of Hui Yinghong and Hu Xianxu went on a journey of redemption together.

Sohu Entertainment News On June 13, at the Shanghai World Expo Center jointly organized by Tencent Pictures·Xinli Media·Yuewen Film and Television on the theme of “Xiangrong·Nixin”, the film “Looking at the Bridge” was officially announced. The main creative lineup, with Han Sanping as the artistic director, Huang Dan as the script director, Shi Chang and Feng Huanyu as the screenwriter, young director Song Xinqi as the director, starring actress Hui Yinghong and the new generation of high-quality actor Hu Xianxu, telling the story of the retired bridge engineer and the troubled teenager The story of highway salvation. The first concept poster was released on the spot. In the poster, there were only two people in a car. The images with different perspectives were full of magical realism, unveiling a “cross-age” journey of healing.

At the press conference, the two leading actors, senior vice president of Tencent Pictures, president of Tencent Pictures’ film business, Zou Zhengyu, head of the copyright business of China Reading Group, and director Song Xinqi took the stage to complete the project release. Hui Yinghong said on the spot that “the first time I saw When the script of “Look at the Bridge”, I was deeply moved by the protagonist, hoping to interpret this character I like”, actor Hu Xianxu also shared: I just got a driver’s license for the film, I hope to be teacher Hui Yinghong in the film Escort. The main creative team sincerely expressed their love for this heart-warming work, and also conveyed their determination to interpret this film well.

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Hui Yinghong and Hu Xianxu joined the strong creative team to attract expectations

The movie “Looking at a Bridge” is adapted from the Douban literary novel “200 Days of a Dogman”. It tells the story of the 65-year-old retired bridge engineer Zhang Qianying (Hui Yinghong) and the troubled teenager Chen Zhiyong (Hu Xianxu) because of driving across provinces. Across the ages” journey. The long solitude caused the two lonely souls to collide violently, finally understanding and redeeming each other.

Power actress Hui Yinghong will play Zhang Qianying, a retired bridge engineer. From the image of beating a girl to the elegant quality actress, she is recognized as the acting demon in the Chinese film industry. Hui Yinghong, the queen of the three golden statues, has superb acting skills and interprets all kinds of life in different works. At the press conference, Hui Yinghong said: “Zhang Qianying has a lot of stories and connotations. This is why I like her and I hope to interpret this role well.”

The new-generation actor Hu Xianxu plays a troubled teenager, Chen Zhiyong. Hu Xianxu, who was born as a child star, is extremely talented, and his flexible and natural performance is well received inside and outside the circle. In the online drama “The Soul of Chess”, which is both popular and popular, Hu Xianxu has become the acting performer of the whole play with a wonderful performance. The performance of this time is full of “problem” problematic teenagers, and the audience is looking forward to the brand new attempt. Hu Xianxu believes that “Looking at the Bridge” is a warm and interesting story: “Two people have a difference in age, knowledge, living environment and life background. At the same time, they are very lonely with each other, so after this journey, There are all kinds of contradictions…I took the driver’s license test a few days ago. I and Chen Zhiyong, the character in the film, are both new to the road. I hope everyone will like it. “The movie “Look at the Bridge” is the first collaboration between two actors. The journey of salvation for the pain points is about to start!

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The concept poster shows the colors of magical realism. Two people go on a journey of redemption together

The concept poster exposed at the press conference was shown in the form of illustrations. The poster is looking at the setting sun. The young man in the picture is standing on the roof of the car holding a telescope and looking into the distance, while Zhang Qianying sits in the front of the car to enjoy the sunset. The slanting sun in the distance reflected on the surface of the river, shimmering, shimmering, and the green color of the mountains flickered, which was fascinating. However, after rotating the poster 180 degrees, the scenery is completely different, which seems to herald a major change in their lives during their journey. After the rotation, a wide road leads directly to the distance, and the bridge construction project in the distance is in full swing. People can’t help but speculate on the past life of the retired bridge engineer Zhang Qianying. The spilled pills on the road once again showed that this was a road trip that was destined to be rather restless. Whether it’s the setting sun on the river or the pills on the highway, the entire poster is full of magical realism, which is infinitely reverie.

The movie “Looking at a Bridge” is produced by Tencent Pictures and undertook by Wannian Pictures. The famous producer, producer, and director Han Sanping serves as the artistic director, the famous screenwriter Huang Dan serves as the script director, and the young screenwriters Shi Chang and Feng Huanyu serve as screenwriters. Directed by young director Song Xinqi, the film will start shooting in Guizhou and Fujian at the end of June, so stay tuned.Return to Sohu to see more

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