Home Entertainment The movie “Mozart in Outer Space” released the final trailer, Lang Lang invited his character to appear

The movie “Mozart in Outer Space” released the final trailer, Lang Lang invited his character to appear

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The movie “Mozart in Outer Space” released the final trailer, Lang Lang invited his character to appear

The movie “Mozart in Outer Space” released the final trailer, Lang Lang invited his character to appear

2022-07-11 15:44:52Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News on July 11, the family fantasy comedy movie “Mozart in Outer Space”, written and directed by Chen Sicheng and starring Huang Bo and Rong Zishan, released the final trailer. Yao Chen, Fan Wei, Jia Bing, Xu Juncong, Yu Yang, etc. Comedians gather, and the friendship stars Mei Ting, Huang Jue and Fan Tiantian collide with sparks of joy in summer. International pianist Lang Lang appeared in the notice, and this time he was specially invited to play Lang Lang himself.

It is reported that Ren Xiaotian (played by Rong Zishan), a boy from the earth who loves astronomy in the film, is forced to practice the piano under the pressure of “overbearing father” Ren Dawang (played by Huang Bo), and the father and son are constantly in conflict. The arrival of the alien agent “Mozart” helped Rong Zishan open a new chapter in the battle of wits and courage with his father. The alien agent “Mozart” who fell from the sky seems to have opened a skylight to the outside world for Qin Tong Xiaotian’s dull and boring life of practicing the piano. “Mozart” helped Xiaotian escape his father’s piano “spot checks” time and time again, took him to witness scenes of fantastic scenes that cannot appear in the real world, and established a solid friendship with his partners. Most importantly, it enables Xiaotian to find out what he truly loves and strengthens his determination to pursue his dreams. The two gradually became the most important partners in each other’s lives.

“Mozart” guards Xiaotian. It first came because of the task, and then it gradually became a responsibility and initiative. Coming from a planet where there is no emotional relationship, “Mozart” gradually has the feelings that only human beings have. Of course, this emotional giving is not one-way. When “Mozart” was “kidnapped” by the “flickering group” formed by Yao Chen, Xu Juncong and Yu Yang, Xiaotian and his friends gathered together without hesitation.

Before the arrival of “Mozart”, Ren Xiaotian and Ren Dawang were in constant conflict with each other. When he was young, he played rock and roll with high spirits. After he was defeated by reality in middle age, he imposed his musical dream on his son who had no interest in the piano. Lang Lang is another “high-frequency word” hanging in Ren Dawang’s mouth, and this “child from someone else’s family” is a model of what he said, “Only by playing elegant music can we stand on the world stage”. This time Lang Lang will also play the role of Lang Lang, the judge of Xiaotian piano competition.

The father-son relationship between Dawang and Xiaotian is the epitome of many current Chinese families. Huang Bo’s familiar lines have also made many netizens call “the same dad at home” and “it’s like installing a camera in my house”. The appearance of “Mozart” strengthened Xiaotian’s determination to pursue the love in his heart, and also allowed the father and son to gradually achieve reconciliation. In fact, under the identities of “parents” and “children”, parents and children are first and foremost independent individuals, and no one has to live a life arranged by the other. They are like two closely interdependent planets. While influencing each other, they eventually have their own orbits.

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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