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The movie “The Band of Seven” released the unit preview

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The movie “The Band of Seven” released the unit preview

The movie “The Band of Seven” released the unit preview

2022-07-05 18:43:20Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News Recently, the film “The Band of Seven” co-directed by seven directors, Sammo Hung, Anhua Xu, Jiaming Tan, Heping Yuan, Qifeng To, Lingdong Lin, and Xu Hark, released a unit preview again. Xu Anhua traced the warm friendship between teachers and students on campus with “The Principal”, and Tan Jiaming focused on the love songs of the younger generation with “Farewell to the Night”.

The reporter was informed that the film “Band of Seven” has received attention and heated discussions from all walks of life since its release on July 29, with its fantastic director lineup and the feeling of paying tribute to the film. Previously, “Band of Seven” has exposed the stories of the two units “Practice” and “Return”, reflecting the collision and reconciliation between different generations through the “Kung Fu” element. The relay release of “The Principal” and “Farewell to the Night” this time focuses on exploring the rich emotions between people. The directors Xu Anhua and Tan Jiaming have a delicate style and create a long aftertaste.

As a representative of the new wave of Hong Kong movies, Xu Anhua’s works have both humanistic care and social value. “Day and Night in Tin Shui Wai” and “Sister Tao” are all timeless classics in the hearts of movie fans. This time, Xu Anhua returned to the school days and told the warm friendship between teachers and students in “The Principal”. The principal played by Wu Zhenyu spanned 40 years. The change from hair to white head is extremely challenging, which will bring fans to fans. Different surprise. In the preview, Wu Zhenyu explained the concept of educating people through a warm monologue. The familiar scenes in the picture make people feel good times in memory.

Tan Jiaming is also an important director of the new wave of Hong Kong movies. He is quite accomplished in screenwriting, directing, editing, art and music. He has directed highly stylized films such as “Famous Sword” and “Love to Kill”. In “Band of Seven”, Tan Jiaming told an unforgettable love story, starring Wu Chentao who played the son of Aaron Kwok in “Father and Son”, and won the Best Supporting Actor Award and Best Newcomer at the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards in one fell swoop Yu Xiangning is also a powerful actor of the new generation, and has been shortlisted for the Hong Kong Film Awards Actor Award for several times.

From the 1950s onwards, the film “Band of Seven” has spanned the present and the future, and constructed a panorama of Hong Kong’s development. The stories include Sammo Hung’s “Practice”, Xu Anhua’s “Principal”, Tan Jiaming’s “Farewell to the Night”, Yuan Heping’s “Return”, To Qifeng’s “Everywhere Gold”, Lin Lingdong’s “Lost”, and Tsui Hark’s “Deep Dialogue” are seven independent units. The seven directors cut in from different perspectives, looking back at the ups and downs of Hong Kong along the way, and recreated the splendid picture of the era.

Among them, “The Principal” directed by Xu Anhua reproduced the campus style of the 1960s. When she talked about the original intention of creating this story, she sighed that life in that era was relatively simple and simple, and the relationship between teachers and students had a simple and human touch. Therefore, At the beginning of creation, I thought of writing campus stories. Tan Jiaming focuses on the 1980s. He believes that everyone has the right to choose how to live. “Farewell to the Night” reflects the choice of fate by ordinary people at that time through a young couple. Whether it is the teacher-student relationship in “The Principal” or the couple’s relationship in “Farewell to the Night”, people’s emotions can resonate beyond the times.Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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