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The movie “True Heart Meets Big Adventure” is officially launched today. Stars gather to bring you laughter and love_TOM 星球

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The movie “True Heart Meets Big Adventure” is officially launched today. Stars gather to bring you laughter and love_TOM 星球

The movie “True Heart Meets Big Adventure”Today, it is officially launched on iQiyi and Tencent Video. The film is produced by Shengshi Huayang, co-produced by Wanwu Xingkong, August Film and Television, and Qianrun Culture, produced by Xinhe Shengshi, announced by Two Bit Entertainment, starring Xu Juncong and Tong Fei, Starring Lu Xi and Xiao Xu, specially invited by Yi Yunhe, friendly starring by Zhang Xueheng and Zhang Weiwei, directed by Guan Jingtian, and written by Tong Liang. “True Heart Meets Big Adventure” is a road comedy movie that combines delicious food, beautiful scenery and ethnic characteristics. The film will bring you a journey of chasing love in Xishuangbanna to heal your soul.

One is a greasy and out-of-the-ordinary tour guide, and the other is a naive and persistent literary young woman,What kind of wonderful chemical reaction will be produced when two seemingly different people collide together? The movie “True Heart Meets Big Adventure” tells such an absurd, funny and touching love story. It all started when Da Cong (played by Xu Juncong) received the young and elegant teacher Tong (played by Tong Fei). All kinds of unexpected things happened to the two of them on the way to complete various mysterious game tasks such as searching for paintings in the church left by Teacher Tong’s boyfriend, horror in the hospital, exploring secrets in hotels, and finding relatives in cafes. At the beginning, Da Cong was a sneaky, slippery person who didn’t take things seriously. When he got along with Teacher Tong, he was infected by her persistence. He gradually changed his attitude and promised to take it seriously. Just when the two were about to complete all the tasks, Teacher Tong discovered the shocking truth. What kind of love story lies behind this? Is the meaning of this journey to Teacher Tong the same as that of the original intention? And what choice Da Cong, who was originally stealing, raped and slippery, made in the face of this crisis, the truth is waiting for you to explore together.

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The male protagonist Da Cong is like those little people around us who have many small problems, but have their own principles in the face of big right and wrong. In this era of materialistic desires and rapid development, few people can stop to appreciate the surrounding scenery. Under the circumstances that people are unable to travel and are under great mental pressure, this role also takes on the responsibility of releasing for the audience in front of the screen. Pressure, leading everyone to enjoy the beautiful scenery and cleanse the soul. As a comedian whose funny “skill” continues to be online, Xu Juncong’s performance this time has been as excellent as ever. Relying on his rich comedy experience and solid acting skills, he frequently pokes everyone’s laughing points, and even bursts out laughing. Arouse the audience’s thinking and empathy. Years of hard work in domestic comedy, film, television dramas and variety shows have allowed Xu Juncong to have accurate judgments and interpretations of each character, and it is also one of the souls of the film.

The heroine in the film, Tong Fei, starred in the film directed by Wang Jing.A number of Hong Kong classic comedy film and television works. Without the slightest burden of being an idol, she fulfilled the role of Teacher Tong brilliantly. Teacher Tong and the tour guide Da Cong experienced all kinds of unexpected accidents. While curing and changing Da Cong, they also completed their own transformation and gained more insights into life and the meaning of life. Tong Fei’s performance touched the hearts of every audience in front of the screen, which shows Tong Fei’s high skill in character creation. In addition to the two leading actors, we can also see many familiar faces such as Xiao Xu and Yi Yunhe. Such a star-studded road comedy movie will definitely make the audience look forward to it.

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Director Guan Jingtian and screenwriter Tong Liang have put a lot of effort into everything from the actors to the script and the selection of shooting locations. From the story rhythm of the content itself and the control of comedy points, to the perfect integration of the beautiful scenery in the travel and the national characteristics during filming, the audience healed their hearts while laughing. It can be seen that the tacit cooperation between the two is reflected in every shot of the film. The customs and beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna are combined with this touching love story. Under the cloak of comedy, the director and screenwriter have their own The unique expression allows people to experience sincere love and emotion in the fast-paced life. With such sincerity, the main creative team has created a road comedy that blends “laughter and tears”.

The movie “True Heart Meets Big Adventure” has been launched on iQiyi and Tencent Video today. If you don’t have time to start, if you haven’t laughed out loud for a long time, then let Xu Juncong and Tong Fei take you on this relaxed and happy road to bravely chase love, and experience this passage that satisfies your multiple senses, appreciates the humanistic scenery and feels the beautiful love Let’s go on a hilarious journey!

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