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The movie “Unexpected Summer” was released nationwide today, five highlights sparked tears_TOM Fashion

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The movie “Unexpected Summer” is released today

The movie “Unexpected Summer” met with the audience on September 3rd. Up to now, the film-related video materials have been viewed more than 210 million times on the whole network, and the topic of Douyin movies has been on the hot search list many times. Hot topics such as “Movie Singing with Love” and “Fugui Jiazhen reunion after 16 years” have caused a lot of sensation on the Internet, and made the audience wonder what kind of charm attracts many stars to interact with them.

As the first movie in September, the topic of “Summer 2021, I want to say goodbye to you” triggered memories, and “Unexpected Summer” was full of rituals of saying goodbye to summer. The film tells the story of the unexpected friendship between Huang Simao (Chen Chuang) and Yi Shuisheng (Guo Kexuan), a student who failed. The audience found a respite in their lives. Today’s release reveals the highlights and explores the healing and growth that “Unexpected Summer” brings to the audience.

Highlight 1: Blockbuster films that have temperature, power, expression, and ability to “out of the circle”

The film focuses on the real lives of the people at the bottom, and the sincere emotional expression of the characters realizes a dialogue with the audience. At the Beijing premiere scene, many directors were invited to the scene to watch the film, unanimously expressing their tribute to the creative team. Director Huang Jun proposed that although the movie “Unexpected Summer” is not produced by a large team, it is a real blockbuster. The quality of such a “big” film comes from the high degree of color of the film. It deeply and directly expresses the real problems of the low-level people and the destiny, and the left-behind children are lonely and unaccompanied, and they can also show a rare humor. A good fusion point has been found in observability and criticality of reality.

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Aspect 2: Huang Si Mao played by Chen Chuang is fascinating! “To run out of the screen”

The lead actor Chen Chuang once again demonstrated the acting skills of the actor level in the movie “Unexpected Summer”, the character details are meticulously portrayed, showing the image of an authentic Chinese people at the bottom, making you love and hate him, On the one hand, he felt that he was sneaky and cowardly and incompetent, on the other hand, he was deeply moved by his filial and loyal qualities. Earlier, Chen Chuang and Liu Mintao embraced at the premiere for 16 years, which triggered everyone’s childhood memories. This time, we will see a “grown-up” Chen Chuang on the screen, and get rid of Fugui’s childishness and have more. A complex image from the helplessness of adults, you will see on the screen an adult man who breaks his dignity but comes back again.

Aspect 3: The young actor is not a subject!The original ecology of the local children is too real

Affected by the downturn in the film market, whether a film has a major cast or not, and whether there is a visual burst seems to be the current mark of judging whether a film is good or not. However, “Unexpected Summer” does the opposite. Director Yi Han draws materials from real life and settles into the most pristine life of the people at the bottom. Even a large number of actors in the film are not born in the class, but choose amateurs from Yichun. Starring in the movie, many small heroes including Aquatic are all real-life local left-behind children. The realism in the eyes hits the heart directly on the big screen, and after watching them in the theater, they cry out for minutes.

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Aspect 4: Seeing my loneliness in the movie is extremely “smoky”

The magic of the movie itself gives the audience a glimpse of life in the plot. The film tells the problem of left-behind children in an alternative way, giving the audience more possibilities for empathy. Seeing myself through the film, I get more power to accompany in the resonance of loneliness, and feel the true meaning of friendship and the warmth and delicacy of the director. From Huang Simao, I saw the possibility of countering life, and from Huang Simao’s friendship with aquatic life, he felt kindness and sincerity.

Highlight 5: A movie that puts the Chinese rural landscape on the big screen

The film “Unexpected Summer” was set in Yichun, Jiangxi. It is the hometown of director and screenwriter Yi Han and starring Chen Chuang. There are a lot of realistic pictures of Yichun’s beautiful scenery in the film. The beauty of nature and simplicity is re-engraved on the big screen, using images to record the most natural customs and customs that have been forgotten by people. In addition to the theme song of the same name sung by the singer Eason Chan for the film, the interspersed folk song soundtrack also adds a lot of audiovisual enjoyment to the film and reminds the audience of their own memories of summer.

The movie “Unexpected Summer” is currently being screened. Let’s go to the theater to relive a summer friendship. The film is produced by Momo Pictures Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Micro-ying Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Beijing Xilanxian Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Produced by the article, directed by Yi Han, starring Chen Chuang, Guo Kexuan, Lang Yueting, starring Zhang Lei, Ouyang Zhaodi, Qin Hailu friendly, and Li Meng especially starring, telling the story of the failure of Huang Simao (played by Chen Chuang) and counseling students Yi Shuisheng (played by Guo Kexuan), the story of two people who had never met each other, became each other’s only friends.

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