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The movie “Unspeeding Visitors” will be released today, and all the highlights of the annual God reversal comedy movie will be unlocked_TOM Entertainment

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Produced by Tian Zhuangzhuang, directed by Liu Xiang, screenwriter Liu Xiang, Long Ye, starring Fan Wei, Dou Xiao, Zhang Songwen, starring Liang Chao, Hu Ming, Gao Shang, and Zhu Zhu and Cai Lu special starring in the comedy of the year“Unexpected Guests”Today (October 22) officially registered in the national theaters. The film was released today with a public poster, unlocking the six highlights simultaneously, and inviting the audience to join the game.

Comedy baggage collision surprise laugh point

The audience laughed and broke the defense

Before the film held a pre-screening event, a variety of funny sections and humorous laughs made many viewers directly call “Laughing and breaking defense”, “Ms. Fan Wei comes out with a sense of joy”, “The burden is not out of the ordinary”, ” “The whole audience laughed together” and other praises continued to emerge. There are also many plots that are impressive. In the film, Lao Li (Fan Wei) and Ma Mingliang (Dou Xiao) had to slap themselves in order to get away, making the two of them even more embarrassed, and the two tortured them particularly well. (Liang Chao) The funny dialogue of “Donkey’s lips don’t match the horse’s mouth” also made the audience laugh, and there are many hilarious plots. We expect the audience to walk into the theater to experience it in person.

Non-linear narrative structure

Cleverly creates a wonderful story

The movie “Incoming Visitors” tells the story of several visitors who accidentally appeared in the same room, staged a scene of reversal without knowing each other’s identities, and finally revealed layers of truth. The film adopts a non-linear narrative structure. In the process, it adopts an incomplete narrative of a single clue of breaks, omissions, and flashbacks. Each character has its own independent narrative perspective, so that the whole story gradually becomes complete in the continuous looping back and forth. The director and behind-the-scenes team also repeated scrutiny during the script creation and post-shooting process to ensure that the story logic is clear and the timing is tight.

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The movie

The plot is constantly reversed

There is another truth behind the truth

In addition to the layers of reversal brought about by the nonlinear narrative structure, the plot of the film is also full of suspense. Several homicides occurred overnight, but both the victim and the murderer died. The sudden appearance of a large amount of mysterious money is suspected to be the fuse of the murder. At the same time, all the visitors who appeared on the scene were also suspected. After repeated self-testing and testimony, the purpose of their visit and their relationship with each other were gradually exposed, and the truth of the case was constantly reversed. It also allows the audience to add a sense of “immersion” in the retrospect of the ending. During the national screening, some audience members commented: “There is a feeling of not knowing the truth before the last second.”

The movie

All-staff acting squad

Presents an excellent interpretation

The movie “Unscheduled Guest” gathered three generations of powerful actors, Fan Wei, Dou Xiao, and Zhang Songwen. Fan Wei, who has appeared in countless comedies, once again created a funny role, adding a comedy color to the film. Dou Xiao broke through the previous role types and played the low-level characters with decadent styling. His highly contrasting performance before and after the film also surprised many viewers. The policeman, played by Zhang Songwen, brought a different touch. With his mysterious identity, he performed a surprise reversal at the end of the film. In addition, Zhu Zhu, Liang Chao, Hu Ming, Gao Shang, Cai Lu and other actors who are well-loved and recognized by the audience have joined together to perform this annual God-reversal comedy.

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The movie

Focus on social issues

The cruel reality is wrapped in a comedy shell

The film wraps the cruel reality under the shell of comedy. In addition to the reversal of the story and the laughs of unexpected surprises, it also shows the silence and shouts of the small people at the bottom, exposing the black industry chain of criminals who violate the law and reflect the The phenomenon of “poverty due to illness” in today’s families, etc., in addition to laughter, also brings a reflection on practical issues. The film’s chief creator also said in an interview before: “I hope that the stories told in the film can reflect reality, analyze human nature, and express relatively serious issues through the film.”

The movie

Constant praise at home and abroad

A double harvest of national scores and reputation

The film “Non-speed Visitors” won the “Most Potential Creative Team Award” of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Market Project Venture Capital, and was shortlisted for the 2021 Beijing International Film Festival “Focus on the Future” unit, 2021 Atlanta Film Festival, 2021 The Heartland International Film Festival, the 29th Chichester International Film Festival, and the 2021 Jade Jaguar Film Festival have been widely recognized. Previously, the film opened nationwide before the screening, and the cumulative box office for screening exceeded 12 million, and the attendance rate for eight days was the first, and it was widely loved and praised by the audience. The film has been officially registered in the national theaters, and I look forward to seeing more audiences in the theaters, bringing laughter and surprises to everyone.

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The movie


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