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The Municipality of Alassio awarded in Milan with the “Garland of Honor”

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An international recognition for the Municipality of Alassio. At the Testori Auditorium of Palazzo Lombardia in Milan, which opened its doors to sport, cinema, television and culture, the councilor Roberta Zucchinetti, the mayor Marco Melgrati and the deputy mayor Angelo Galtieri, received the “Guirlande d’Honneur” , the highest honor of the Ficts (Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs), an award linked to the organization of international conferences promoted on the occasion of the Bocce World Championships held in October in Alassio. The two appointments were in fact presented with the theme «Women and sport» and were divided into two topics: «Sport: a sea of ​​women» with the projection of films relating to women’s successes and «Coaching. An art that is also feminine ». “An honor to receive this recognition – commented the Alassian delegation – proves that we are working in the right direction”.

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