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The mushroom house turned into a large-scale memory killing scene “Longing for Life” welcomes a new landmark_Zhou Xun_Huang Lei_Zhang Linghe

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The mushroom house turned into a large-scale memory killing scene “Longing for Life” welcomes a new landmark_Zhou Xun_Huang Lei_Zhang Linghe

Original title: Mushroom House transformed into a large-scale memory killing scene “Longing for Life” welcomes a new landmark

The seventh season of “Longing for Life” aired its fifth episode last Friday. In this episode of the program, Mushroom House welcomes three old and new friends, Zhou Xun, Mao Buyi, and Zhang Linghe. This time they split up, planted “fairy grass”, built a duck shed, and interpreted tacit understanding in labor. This episode of the program is broadcast, and the ratings remain the first, and there are constant heated discussions on the whole network, #吃糖推考你是optimistic or pessimistic#, #周迅何吉话主要一个伤位#, #毛不易防头头了#, #周迅想老Many topic words such as #黄雷拍影# have been on the hot search list, and the exposure of related topics in this issue has exceeded 400 million!

The long-term companionship has precipitated a unique tacit understanding. When the scene in memory reappears, people will find that the tacit understanding has never gone far. When I first arrived at Mushroom House, everyone was chatting around the kitchen. Zhou Xun seemed to talk about ten information points, but nine of them were plausible, focusing on a misplaced chat. Huang Lei commented: “The most powerful thing about you is that what you are talking about is not right, but the other party understands.” The tacit understanding between friends turned this chat into an “encrypted call”, and Zhou Xun’s confused and cute image has also disappeared. So deeply rooted in people’s hearts that when everyone saw her insisting on calling Xiao O Xiao Q, and finding no boiling water to make tea, and many other deeds, they were no longer surprised, but naturally smiled knowingly.

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At the door of the mushroom house, a pot of jasmine bloomed just right. Huang Lei picked one at random, and Zhou Xun immediately held it in both hands. This scene makes people instantly dream back to the classic picture in “You Are April Day on Earth”. In this episode, Huang Lei and Zhou Xun chatted and laughed on the boulevard, stopping and going, they picked up wild raspberries naturally on the side of the road, drew the shape of tree roots on the boulevard, and sang in the kitchen They were both busy, and the audience couldn’t help sighing, “It’s so dazed, it seems to be shuttling in the TV series that the two collaborated on.” In the labor, Huang Lei and Zhou Xun even showed a tacit understanding of cooperation. Next to the wooden pier where Dendrobium candidum is planted, Huang Lei and Zhou Xun are responsible for raising the seedlings, and the other is winding them with rope. The difficulty of this work is not small. It is necessary to control the height of the root and the looseness of the rope. But the two cooperated tacitly in lap after lap and successfully completed the task. This trip not only harvested the raw materials of the gourmet “Dendrobium flower scrambled eggs”, but also unlocked the labor wisdom of using pine cones to test irrigation needs. Everyone gathered together to watch a pine cone closed due to being full of water, and were amazed together. It’s amazing.

Mao Buyi focuses on accompanying work Zhang Linghe’s “professional counterpart” strength blessing

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When it comes to work, Mao Buyi, who went to the mushroom house five times, is still very nervous. Surrounded in front of the photo wall, everyone began to recall the embarrassing moment when Mao Mao harvested rapeseed in the previous program. Mao Buyi showed embarrassment, pointed at the photo and gritted his teeth and said, “This time!” Huang Lei said in relief: “This time we You don’t have to do any labor, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Before Mao Buyi’s joy welled up in his heart, Teacher He organized to build a duck shed. Mao Buyi, who couldn’t keep up with everyone’s rhythm, was stunned, and there seemed to be a line of big characters hovering above his head: “Who am I? Where am I? What am I here for?” Mao Buyi looked confused and at a loss, but he firmly expressed his attitude, I will do whatever you ask me to do. After the start of construction, He Jiong and Zhang Linghe quickly got into shape, but Mao Buyi was dumbfounded at the pile of lumber, and only wanted to do some leftovers to do odd jobs, but he didn’t expect that sawing wood was so difficult. The audience’s comments hit the point: “Mao Buyi’s main job is to wait and accompany patiently with warmth.” Although building a duck shed hit Mao Buyi’s knowledge blind spot, in the evening “Mushroom House Hairline Expo”, Mao Buyi could won this strange comparison.

If it is said that Mao Buyi’s main work is companionship, then Zhang Linghe, his professional counterpart, has come to his home court. With a background in electrical engineering, he is really good at work. Not only can he fix each piece of wood properly, but he is also meticulous about how much force each piece of wood should bear when erecting the shed. I saw Zhang Linghe’s thinking was clear, his movements were sharp, and his operations were as fierce as a tiger, and the duck shed took shape. Netizens praised him one after another: “Xiao Zhang, the engineer, is amazing. People who work hard are really attractive.”

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Every piece of companionship has its own exclusive memory; every piece of memory together constitutes a moment that we often think of in our ordinary life. Every Friday at 22:00 on Hunan Satellite TV and 24:00 on Mango TV, the seventh season of “Longing for Life” will be broadcast on time. Let Mushroom House give you the company you most yearn for!Return to Sohu to see more

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