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The new leadership of the local CGT will ask for places on the PJ candidate lists

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The new leadership of the local CGT will ask for places on the PJ candidate lists

After several months of operation of a normalizing commission, finally this Thursday the new leadership of the CGT Regional Córdoba was consecrated, which will be directed by a triumvirate made up of Rubén Urbano (UOM); Edgar Luján (Truck Drivers) and Ricardo López (Atsa).

In an act held at the Truck Drivers’ property, headed by the normalization delegate Horacio Otero, with the presence of 65 unions, the normalization of the Cordoba labor union was achieved.

After more than a decade of leadership of Delasotista José “Pepe” Pihen, last year, the national CGT promoted the normalization of all the regional ones, including that of Córdoba.

There were several months of wrestling with Pihen, who was finally displaced by the aforementioned normalization commission.

Pihen is a leader who answers to the provincial government, while the national center wanted leaders who would have a direct dialogue with the national triumvirate made up of Héctor Daer; Carlos Acuna and Pablo Moyano.

At the time, in his capacity as normalizing delegate, Otero argued that Pihen could not continue in charge of the Cordoba Regional, because he had taken advantage of the retirement benefit.

None of the three members of the Cordovan triumvirate have a close link with the provincial PJ, although all three are Peronist militants.

Although he is not a member of the triumvirate, the leader of Commerce, Pablo Chacón, is the trade unionist with the best arrival at the Civic Center, especially with Senator Alejandra Vigo.

Places in the lists

In his speech, Otero said that the new leadership of the Cordoba Regional CGT will be “combative.”

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On the more political issue, Otero and the members of the triumvirate assured that in line with what the national CGT has been maintaining, the Cordoba central will demand places on the lists of candidates of the provincial PJ (We do for Córdoba) and also in the national order.

In October of last year, with the presence of President Alberto Fernández, the national CGT launched the Peronist National Trade Union Movement, which will have its delegation in Córdoba.

Two national general secretaries, Pablo Moyano and Carlos Acuña, participated via Zoom in today’s event, who congratulated the new authorities.

Among the local leaders were, in addition to the aforementioned Chacón, Gabriel Suárez (Luz y Fuerza); Cesar Godoy (UPCN); Daniel Oviedo (Glass) and Domingo Ovando from the Superior Personal Union (UPS), the union of provincial hierarchical officials.

Likewise, in the first resolutions of the new leadership, the work plan was announced that aims to combat informal employment and seek the recovery of purchasing power of the salaries of Cordovan workers,” according to the new authorities of the standardized CGT Regional Córdoba.

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