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The new science fiction film “Dune” made a high score appearance and said the Prince’s Revenge

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□ Rong Yu, Chief Correspondent of Jimu News, Chutian Metropolis Daily

Known as “the world’s most difficult science fiction to remake”, “Dune” finally appeared on the mainland’s big screen on October 22, and has become the highest-scoring movie among all the hot new movies.

However, according to random interviews by JiMu News reporters in the theater, while most fans praised “Dune” as an aesthetic epic and a visual feast, some people fell into confusion after the show, “what about the prince’s revenge?”

What is playing is the sense of atmosphere

If you have been shocked by the magnificent sci-fi atmosphere created by “Arrival” and “Blade Runner 2049”, then “Dune” directed by Dennis Villeneuve must also be the “dish” that fits your film aesthetic.

Many fans of the original book are obsessed with letting the audience understand the world view of “Dune” before going to the movie. After all, it is a top science fiction masterpiece that won both the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award. In the eyes of book fans, it is the “Lord of the Rings” in the science fiction world.

But considering that there are as many as 6 original books, the created world view is extremely complex and grand. Fans only need to remember these points before watching “Dune”: after the movie story takes place 10,000 years later, humans can freely shuttle between the stars. The planets are unified under the management of the royal family; one of the planets is rich in “spices”, which is more rare than contemporary oil. Those who get the “spices” win the world, so the various forces are ready to move; the male protagonist Paul Etridi is a nobleman and is the legendary savior , His father was appointed by the emperor to take over “Spices”, but he was involved in the whirlpool of royal plots.

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Douban netizen “Xia Shu” commented on “Dune”, “The photography and composition are really beautiful to the point of aphasia. This is a work that I would sincerely feel that’the movie can be invented is really great’ after reading it.” This sentence It has been liked by thousands of netizens. The 150-minute “Dune”, almost every frame of the picture is exquisite like a wallpaper, every piece of music is moving, and every special effect is icing on the cake, presenting the audience with the highest aesthetic and the best atmosphere of 2021. Fans even use “Watching “Dune” now is like watching “2001: A Space Odyssey” in 1968″ to describe the film’s futuristic and artistic advancement. With the enthusiasm of these fans, “Dune” received a score of 7.9 on Douban, making it the new movie with the highest score on the schedule of major theaters.

Some people feel lonely

Just as many movie fans feel that “Arrival” is not as literary as a science fiction film, and “Blade Runner 2049” is overdone, “Dune” has also been dismissed by some fans, and even given a one-star or two-star low score. Based on the opinions of these fans, they think “Dune” looks like an annual movie feast, but it took 150 minutes to shoot a lonely one. “I thought it was to watch the Prince’s Revenge, but after watching it for 2 and a half hours, they told me: the story is about to come. Start……”

Indeed, because the world view of “Dune” is too complicated, involving religion, philosophy, superstructure, etc., the film is not a strong plot to advance, but to reproduce part of the original setting with the utmost patience and respect. If the audience expects the rhythm of a commercial film of “a battle in 20 minutes and a wave of death in 30 minutes”, they will indeed feel that the film is too dull and slow, or even feel that they have watched a 150-minute trailer, “Understood, the prince is Revenge in “Dune 2″…”

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Fortunately, even if the audience is no longer dissatisfied with the narrative rhythm of “Dune”, they should also be satisfied with the “face value ceiling” of the film’s actors. Every pore can stand the test of the big screen “Sweet Tea” Timothy Chalamet, the superb Swedish beauty Rebecca Ferguson, “Apocalypse” Oscar Isaac in “X-Men”, The “Destroyer” Dave Batista in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, Spider-Man’s “girlfriend” Zandaya, the “Sea King” Jason Momoa who relies on hormones to conquer the world, and the Snap Finger expert “Exit “Ba” Josh Brolin, Asian male god Zhang Zhen…Buying a ticket for their face, it seems that it is not a loss.


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