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The next stop on 5.12 is to go to Changsha to join the universe people and find your “ideal state” – China Entertainment Network

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The next stop on 5.12 is to go to Changsha to join the universe people and find your “ideal state” – China Entertainment Network

  China Entertainment News www.yule.com.cnAfter knocking on the bowl for a long time, it is finally back! Cosmosman “The Moment! Ideal State Concert” started last year. After going through Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung, and Hong Kong, it finally kicked off in mainland China in early May. The first round of two cities, 5.2 Nanjing and 5.3 Shanghai, were successfully completed! This is the return to Nanjing and Shanghai after the last round of Cosmic Man’s “Play with Me for Another Ten Years” mainland tour. This is also the 1340-day absence of Cosmic Man, and finally restarted the mainland tour again.

Coming to Nanjing, the first stop of this tour, the people of the universe couldn’t help but sigh “Long time no see”. It’s really been a long time since I haven’t seen the food in Nanjing and everyone in Nanjing! Not only will we try our best to bring the best music feast to our friends in Nanjing, but we will also taste Nanjing’s special and delicious snacks after work. After a short stay, we have “full harvest”, such as salted water duck, duck blood vermicelli soup, Aunt Xu Cake balls, Fangpo candied taro seedlings…and other delicacies, also made the universe people can’t help but make a wish, “There are still many delicacies that have not been eaten, and I will eat them next time”, and made the next agreement with Nanjing.

The second stop is Shanghai, the last city in mainland China where the last round of the Cosmos tour “Play with me for another ten years”. After returning here after 1340 days, Cosmos was full of emotions. Guitarist Akui said emotionally “The world has changed a lot in the past three years, but seeing that everyone is taking good care of themselves, I feel relieved,” which warmed the hearts of the fans present. The Cosmic Man, who hasn’t been to Shanghai for a long time, “practices hard” Shanghai dialect, hoping to use Shanghai dialect to shorten the distance between them. “Happy forehead” greeted everyone, but the lead singer Xiaoyu complained about “location” in English, which caused the audience to laugh again and again.

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There are delicious food and laughter, and of course the most important food “music feast” is indispensable. The playlists of the two performances are full of sincerity, not only the representative works of the universe, “play with me”, “what about you”, “ten thousand hours”, “let’s run together”, “heart to summer” and other well-known classics The work also brought “Ideal State”, “I’m Still Revolving Around You”, “Good Wild”, “Your Look” and other steaming and fresh masterpieces from the new album. The end of the Shanghai show was even more enthusiastic for fans Continually, the three encores made the Cosmos “have to” increase the number of hidden tracks-the classic masterpiece “Submergence”, which attracted fans who failed to go to the scene to cry out for regret.

The Cosmic Man “Ideal State” Tour Concert continues wonderfully, going to more cities, 5/12 Changsha, 5/18 Xiamen, 5/21 Guangzhou, 5/26 Xi’an, 5/28 Chongqing, join the Cosmic Man and find what belongs to you Your own “ideal state”! Tickets for the show are now on sale at Damai.com. For more information about Cosmos, please follow Cosmos official Weibo and Believe Music official Weibo and WeChat.

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