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The official announcement of the most released comic exhibition!Look at the manga paradise KKWORLD 2023 will land in Guangzhou in July_World_Enthusiasm_Animation

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The official announcement of the most released comic exhibition!Look at the manga paradise KKWORLD 2023 will land in Guangzhou in July_World_Enthusiasm_Animation

Original title: The official announcement of the most released comic exhibition!KKWORLD 2023, a comic paradise, will land in Guangzhou in July

All of a sudden, young people across the country seemed to be either at or on their way to the comic exhibition.

And KKWORLD, which has only been held for one session, has attracted more than 130,000 people to check in with its beauty and dreamy experience, and KKWORLD, which has over 2.2 billion impressions on the entire network, is also set in the voices of thousands of comic fans. Today, the annual Kuaikan Comic Paradise KKWORLD 2023, held by Kuaikan World, officially announced that it will land in Guangzhou from July 15th to 18th, and will host over a hundred popular comic IPs in a 4-day offline utopia. Response The love and expectation of manga lovers.

According to the first wave of Reuters, in addition to retaining the restoration of popular comic book scenes, heavy guest groups and immersive shopping experience, KKWORLD 2023 will create China’s first comic giant valley amusement park for users, from reading comics to planting grass The whole process of weeding and weeding provides users with richer ways to play. This one-stop theme park, sponsored by the comic platform and derived from comics, is becoming a must-see comic exhibition in the second dimension by virtue of the unique connection between comics and contemporary young people and the overall atmosphere of super-production of photos.

The gate to the dimension of the comic world is about to restart, are you ready?

The carnival of comics is coming as promised, how exciting can KKWORLD be?

When the ability to enjoy pure happiness becomes increasingly scarce, people who like comics can still draw strength from the secret garden of their spiritual world.

Kuaikan, founded in 2014, is an important channel for the 340 million users of the platform to seamlessly enter the world of comics. They read comics here, and have different degrees of connections with their like-minded people in circles derived from comics, such as cosplay, valley circle, etc., and finally extended an important part of their ideal life online.

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Kuaikan’s original intention of organizing Kuaikan Comic Paradise KKWORLD is to reproduce the same utopia offline every year, so that the comic world can be brought into reality. For comics lovers, instead of defining KKWORLD as a comic exhibition, it is better to say that it is the ultimate happy hometown where they can come back once a year.

Therefore, at the first KKWORLD last year, more than 130,000 people dressed as their favorites rushed to the scene.

You can see a dizzying array of Lo skirts, Hanfu, JK, and Cos costumes who can or cannot be named and rush into the arena; The scene is so rare that you can take pictures to commemorate it crazily;

You can see that the I-person who can’t hide in the corner on weekdays turns into an E-person in seconds, and turns into a social cow to check in and collect stamps; you can see the two-dimensional star chasing scene, and throw away your reservations for your favorite paper people, comic authors and CVs. Go crazy in seconds; you can see the princess who was sipping European-style afternoon tea one second, and the next second is striking out in the interactive game;

You can see the crowd cheering for each IP announcement next to the main stage where Kuaikan releases the comic list; you can also see the strong figure who stops from time to time to rest for a while and joins Chagu under the weight of the big bags full of comics. .

“Looking forward to next year”, “Come again next time”… voices like these and the regret of not being able to attend due to various reasons permeated the social field of cartoonists after KKWORLD’s fiery ending. The reports on KKWORLD by more than 200 mainstream media also wrote a footnote for the significance of comics in the lives of Chinese young people.

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With the official announcement of the second KKWORLD this year, this carnival originated from comics is about to start again. It is reported that at KKWORLD 2023, there will be more than 100 hot comic IPs that you can see soon to meet the audience, including “I Can’t Hide”, “It’s Hard to Coax”, “The Mermaid Has Fallen”, “Confession”, “Hardcore No. 1” etc., and provide more check-in points for super-produced comic scenes.

At the same time, the brand-new concept of Comic Giant Valley Amusement Park, which is composed of IP giant Liuma, Baji Ferris wheel, merry-go-round horse and giant pain bag official barn, is also worth looking forward to.

Create unlimited times of youth, watch and continue to expand the comic world

From the perspective of “age”, comics, which have been developed for more than a hundred years in China, are not young anymore. But the magic of comics is that whenever people fall into this world, what people feel is youth, and it always stirs the hearts of younger people.

Accompanying comic lovers for more than eight years is also the process of Kuaikan’s continuous exploration and growth in the comic world.

As a comic content company, Kuaikan, on the one hand, brings joy and strength to people by continuously producing high-quality comics. Up to now, more than 13,000 comics have been serialized on the Kuaikan platform, covering all youthful, urban, hot-blooded comics lovers’ favorite categories, and has accumulated more than 120,000 registered creators to continuously inject fresh blood into the comics.

On the other hand, Kuaikan is also expanding the comic world in different ways, continuously extending the life cycle of IP and amplifying the influence of comics. Starting from comics, Kuaikan has successively stepped into animation, film and television, books, peripheral derivatives, games, offline experience and other fields, opened up domestic and overseas markets, and grown into a diversified and comprehensive content platform.

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Taking the video-based development of comics as an example, Kuaikan not only continues to cooperate with downstream film and television and animation development partners, but also allows comic IP to respond to the youth and youth of IP fans through live-action movies, live-action dramas, and animations through various methods such as authorization and joint production. Attract more people to understand comics, and with the launch of self-made comic dramas and the appearance of the first batch of self-made animations after a long period of polishing, gradually improve its own three-dimensional development structure of comics and videos.

According to reports, during this KKWORLD event, Kuaikan will also disclose more commercialization progress of comic IP.

In addition, Kuaikan organizes two major annual events—the offline comic paradise KKWORLD and the online carnival KK Dream Night—to gather treasured memories for comic lovers in a more ceremonial form and constantly refresh their understanding of the comics. A more immersive experience with comic IP.

To create infinite youth for cartoonists in the comic world is the original intention of Kuaikan World Founder & CEO Chen Anni to found Kuaikan. “Kuaikan started from comics, but it will not stop at comics, and is moving towards a more diverse and comprehensive one-stop lifestyle platform for young people,” Chen Anni said.Return to Sohu to see more


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