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The Orcadas Base, the oldest in the territory, was installed 120 years ago

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The Orcadas Base, the oldest in the territory, was installed 120 years ago

2024 – ARGENTINE ANTARCTICA. Argentine Antarctic Day is celebrated in commemoration of the date in 1904 on which the Orcadas Base was installed, the country’s first permanent base on the southern continent.

Thus, for 120 years, Argentina has had a permanent and uninterrupted presence in the territory.

Orcadas Base

In total, Argentina manages 13 bases in Antarctica, of which seven are permanent (operational all year round) and the rest are temporary (operational only in summer).

Of them, two are administered by the Foreign Ministry: Carlini Base (permanent) and Brown Base (temporary).

The other bases are managed by the Joint Antarctic Command (Cocoantar) of the Ministry of Defense: Orcadas Base, Marambio Base, Esperanza Base, San Martín Base, Belgrano II Base and Petrel (permanent); and the temporary bases Melchor, Decepción, Cámara, Primavera and Matienzo (temporary).

In all these Argentine bases, Antarctic science depends on the Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA), an agency of the Foreign Ministry.

There are additionally some 32 bases from 18 other countries that are also located in the Argentine Antarctic Sector.

More anniversaries

1900 – LUIS BUÑUEL IS BORN. The filmmaker Luis Buñuel, one of the most famous and original directors in the history of cinema, was born in the Spanish municipality of Calanda (Aragón). He won an Oscar in 1972 and five from the Cannes Film Festival, among other awards. Buñuel filmed the vast majority of his films in Mexico and France due to the censorship imposed by Franco to film in Spain.

1905 – LUIS SANDRINI IS BORN. The actor Luis Sandrini, a reference in Argentine humor and comedy, was born in the Buenos Aires city of San Pedro. He acted in the first sound film of Argentine cinema: Tango! Throughout his successful career he worked in 78 films.

February 22

1911 – MARGARITA PALACIOS IS BORN. The composer and singer Margarita Palacios, one of the precursors of the folklore “boom” starting in the 1950s, was born in the Catamarca city of Santa María. She is the author of the well-known cueca “I remember my valleys.” She worked on four films about Argentine folklore.

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Margarita Palaciosu002E

1949 – NIKI LAUDA IS BORN. Former Austrian car driver Niki Lauda (Andreas Nicolaus Lauda), three-time Formula 1 world champion (1975/1977/1984), is born in Vienna.

Austrian Niki Lauda became world champion three times: 1975, 1977 and 1984. (Photo: AP)

1969 – THE BEATLES. British pop rock band The Beatles reunite with American keyboardist Billy Preston at Trident Studios in London to record the song “I Want You.” It was the beginning of the recording of “Abbey Road”, the last album of “the Liverpool Four”, which is considered his masterpiece.

1987 – ANDY WARHOL DIED. At the age of 58, the American plastic artist and filmmaker Andy Warhol (Andrew Warhola), one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and a reference to Pop Art culture, dies in New York City (New York, USA).

Andy Warhol – Robert Mapplethorpe

1987 – FINAL POINT. The Punto Final law comes into force, which established the expiration of criminal action against those accused of crimes against humanity committed during the last civil-military dictatorship upon expiration of the deadline to file complaints against them. The law was repealed by Congress in 1998 and declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Justice in 2005.

1993 – PAUL HONEY. The Pablo Honey album, Radiohead’s first, is published in the United Kingdom, containing the song “Creep,” one of the British alternative rock band’s best.

2012 – TRAGEDY OF ONCE. A formation of the Sarmiento railway collides with the containment barrier of a platform at the Once terminal station in Buenos Aires, an accident that caused the death of 52 people and injured another 789. It was the third most serious railway tragedy in Argentina, after of the one that occurred in Benavídez in 1970, where 236 people died, and that of Sa Pereira, in 1978, which caused 55 deaths.

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Tragedy of Once. (File/Telam)

2014 – CHAPO GUZMAN. Mexican drug trafficker “Chapo” Guzmán (Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera), leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, is captured by agents of the Mexican Navy and the US anti-drug agency DEA in the city of Mazatlán. He escaped from prison in January 2015 and was recaptured in October 2016.


Other anniversaries

1506.- About 150 Swiss soldiers arrive at the Vatican and place themselves at the service of Pope Julius II. The Swiss Guard was thus created, which has since then been in charge of the Pope’s security.

1808.- The Portuguese royal family disembarks in Brazil after fleeing the occupation of Portugal by Napoleonic troops.

1820.- The Uruguayan general José Gervasio Artigas is defeated by the Portuguese in the Battle of Tacuarembó.

1905.- Saint Petersburg experiences ‘Bloody Sunday’ (January 9 according to the Julian calendar then in force in Russia), when the Russian Imperial Guard opened fire on thousands of peaceful protesters led by Father Gapon. There were hundreds of deaths and injuries.

1918.- The Ukrainian People’s Republic is proclaimed independent from Russia.

1963.- Charles De Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer sign the Elysée Treaty, which seals the reconciliation between Germany and France.

1968.- Launch of ‘Apollo 5’ from Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA).

1970.- The Boeing 747 airplane, known as ‘Jumbo’, makes its first commercial flight between New York and London with the Pan American company.

1980.- Soviet dissident and scientist Andrei Sakharov is arrested and deported to the city of Gorki.

1980.- Dozens of dead and injured in San Salvador, when far-right snipers fired at a demonstration of more than 100,000 people, who were demanding agrarian reform and the democratization of the country.

1984.- Apple’s ‘1984’ television commercial, directed by Ridley Scott, airs in the United States during the Super Bowl. Two days later, the company launches its first Mac computer, the Macintosh 128K, which includes a graphical interface and mouse.

1996.- Tanzania closes its border with Burundi and prevents the entry of 17,000 Rwandan refugees.

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2003.- The Palace of Versailles hosts the first joint session in the history of the Parliaments of France and Germany.

2006.- Evo Morales is sworn in as president of Bolivia. He is the first democratically elected indigenous president.

2014.- The international peace conference for Syria, known as Geneva 2, begins in Montreux (Switzerland). It ends on the 31st without progress.

2020.- Ekaterini Sakelaropulu becomes the first female head of state of Greece.

2021.- The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, negotiated and approved in 2017 at the United Nations, comes into force.


1561.- Francis Bacon, English philosopher.

1788.- Lord Byron (George Gordon Byron), English romantic poet.

1875.- David Wark Griffith, American filmmaker.

1920.- Chiara Lubich, Italian, founder of the Catholic Focolare movement.

1931.- Sam Cooke, American singer and songwriter.

1940.- John Hurt, British actor.

1965.- Diane Lane, American actress.

.- Steven Adler, American drummer who was part of Guns N’Roses.


1901.- Victoria I, Queen of England.

1922. Benedict XV, Pope.

1973.- Lyndon B. Johnson, former president of the United States (1963-1969).

1981.- María Moliner, Spanish philologist.

1982.- Former Chilean president Eduardo Frei Montalva dies of poisoning.

1984.- Claudio Estrada, Mexican composer and guitarist.

1985.- Arthur Bryant, British historian

1992.- Luis de Albuquerque, Portuguese historian.

1994.- Telly Savalas, American actor.

1995.- Rose Fitzgerald, American, matriarch of the Kennedy Clan.

2005.- Consuelo Velásquez, Mexican composer, author of ‘Bésame mucho’.

2007.- Henri Groués, Abbot Pierre, French Catholic priest, founder of the Companions of Emmaus.

2009.- Héctor Decio Rosetto, Argentine chess player.

2010.- Jean Simmons, British actress.

2018.- Israel ‘Shorty’ Castro, Puerto Rican comedian, actor and musician.

2020.- Armando Uribe, Chilean poet.

2022.- Don Wilson, American guitarist.

Source: own and agencies.

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