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The Oscar movie “The Encouragement Division” exposed the ultimate trailer, multi-platform high-opening screening, rave reviews_TOM Entertainment

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A 4K restoration of the best foreign language film that won an Oscar“Encouragement Division”The ultimate teaser poster is double-issued. With the soundtrack of the world-class master Joe Hisaishi, the ultimate trailer and the ultimate poster show the famous scenes in the movie one by one. Feel life in the farewell, and convey affection in the ceremony.

The film “Encouragement” won the 81st Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Douban scored 8.9 points, 94% of the big V recommendation, and 97.9% of the recommended value of Tiger Fight. It was also on the TOP250 list of Douban movies for many years. The test of time and countless fans, is a classic cure not to be missed. The film is directed by Yojiro Takita, scored by Joe Hisaishi, and starred by Masahiro Motogi, Ryoko Hirosue, and Nuo Yamazaki will be available in theaters nationwide on October 29.

A journey of reconciliation with yourself, cherish the present love for no future

“The Encouragement” won the 81st Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, and it attracted the expectation of netizens once it was finalized. In the trailer for the release of this film, Daigo Kobayashi, who became an enchanter, was misunderstood by people around him because of his profession, and he was extremely cold-eyed. But with Kobayashi’s persistence and understanding of life, his relatives and friends have moved from fear or even disgust to understanding and respect. Perhaps parting is inevitable for us, but the love that has happened in life is the most precious thing.

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At the same time, the ultimate poster released by the film reproduces the famous scene of Daigo Kobayashi playing the cello in the field in the form of a silhouette. In the field at dusk, the young enchanter seemed to be playing the cello alone, but there was a sense of relief and freedom. With the blessing of the hand-painted style, the yellow-pink hue reveals a hint of warmth. The vigorous growth of green is also the cherishment of the present and the expectation of the future. The movie “Encouragement” provides the audience with a perspective to look back at life at the end of life. After watching the movie, they will better understand how to grasp our lives. Life is a series of encounters and partings together again and again. We should cherish the encounter and bid farewell seriously.

The Oscar movie

The first look is the story, then the second look is the touch brought by the revisiting of the classics in life

Last weekend, the 4K repaired version of the film “The Encouragement” has been screened in advance. The first batch of film critics and audiences gave fresh praise to the film: not only warm and healing, but also expressing life and death and career choices from another angle. Wait for real problems. Many viewers who watched it for the first time said: “It is easy to find resonance in life from the film. Career, family, choice, etc. still seem to hit the bottom of my heart.”

And Masahiro Motogi and “the last beautiful girl of the 20th century” Hirosue Ryoko’s exquisite performance, “old play bone” Yamazaki Nuo’s superb acting skills, and even the world-class soundtrack master Hisaishi let the gentle and emotional soundtrack healed the hearts of countless audiences. . During the viewing process of the filming group in advance, the audience’s sobbing was heard from time to time. Many audiences were silently wiping their tears, and even the audience said on the spot: “This is a movie that has changed the attitude of life. I am no longer afraid of death. What I feel through life and death is the cherishment of the present life.”

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The Oscar movie

Daigo Kobayashi, who has just entered the movie “The Enemy,” has the same anxiety and confusion as many young people now. Stumbled on the road to find their own life direction, and the husband and wife have also created a gap. When he finally accepted and understood the profession, he also won the respect of the people around him. When his wife Mika sternly said to others, “My husband is an enlightenment teacher,” the sincere feelings naturally expressed between the husband and wife made the audience cry. The mood of the movie “The Enemy” is not exciting, but it can make the audience’s heart surge. This is the power of a good movie and it is worth watching repeatedly.

The film “Encouragement” is produced by Japan Shochiku Co., Ltd., imported by China Film Group, distributed by China Film Distribution Co., Ltd., and translated by Changying Group Translation Production Co., Ltd. It will be warmly screened on October 29, pre-sale Now open!

The Oscar movie


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