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The Pirelli challenge in racing bicycles

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ROME – Pirelli is entering ever more deeply into the cycling universe. The brand of the long P has just started a new project in the specialist sector of Gravity racing bicycles, giving life to the “Canyon Cllctv Pirelli”, an international team that will participate in the Downhill (Dh) races. The team will compete in the most important challenges of the discipline aiming for inclusion in the top 10 of the main events such as the Downhill World Cup.

The research, prototyping and development of the new Scorpion tires from Gravity began three years ago and the Pirelli engineers involved a star of the Downhill firmament, namely the French Fabien Barel, three-time world champion and seven-time national DH champion. Thus, in the last year Barel has brought the Pirelli “Prototype # 0” on the bicycles of athletes and teams that have raced in various races of the World Cup Dh and Enduro World Series, putting the research and development work carried out by the Pirelli technicians. The launch of the new Scorpion tires dedicated to Gravity is expected in the course of the year and, according to the manufacturer, it will be a broad and articulated project line, consisting of all the models and technologies necessary to race and win in high-profile competitions.

“Downhill is the most rigorous and demanding laboratory in the world of mountain bikes – explained Samuele Bressan, Pirelli Cycling’s global marketing manager – takes the tires to the limit in all their aspects and very high performance is required. This new project is a fundamental moment in Pirelli’s development in Downhill, not only for the product but also for supporting the most spectacular and challenging MTB discipline.

We liked Fabien’s idea of ​​building a team that launches young talents into the Pro world and gives further impetus to the development of our new tires dedicated to Gravity. It is a way of operating that has always been part of our DNA and that the company applies in all sports areas in which it collaborates “. The new team, which will soon be made official by the International Cycling Union, will be led by the veteran of the DH circus Roberto Vernassa, and makes use of four young promises from the Gravity world. In the race there will be the Italian Loris Revelli, former national champion Dh (2019) and Enduro (2020), the American Dante Silva, a solid promise of the US downhill, the French Antoine Pierron, the youngest of the so-called “jet brothers” and the promising German junior Henri Kiefer.

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