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The plot is realistic and the drama is so strong: Criminal investigation dramas have new ideas jqknews

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The plot is realistic and the drama is so strong: Criminal investigation dramas have new ideas jqknews

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The criminal investigation TV series “Hurricane” has been broadcast recently. Since the drama has gathered a large number of powerful actors, it has attracted much attention since the official announcement. “Hurricane” focuses on eradicating crime and evil. After a series of film and television dramas such as “In the Name of the People”, “The Silent Truth” and “Smite Storm” have deeply explored this theme, how will “Hurricane” stand out from the encirclement and how to shoot it? Come up with something new?

Three-dimensional realistic group portraits

“Hurricane” tells the story of high-spirited criminal policeman An Xin (played by Zhang Yi) and Gao Qiqiang (played by Zhang Songwen), a fishmonger who has been bullied all the time since 2000. Behind the social development, it is the undercurrent of evil forces headed by the Gao brothers. The two parted ways and started a 20-year-long contest between good and evil. In 2021, under the background of the normalization of anti-criminal activities across the country, the central supervision team will launch a thunderous attack, and Anxin will cooperate with the special case team to thoroughly investigate the organized criminal gangs of the Qiangsheng Group and the umbrella behind them. Finally, Jinghai City will see the light of day.

The first five episodes of “Hurricane” focus on Gao Qiqiang, telling the history of his “black and evil” growth. Gao Qiqiang was originally a fishmonger who sold fish in the vegetable market. His parents died, and he worked hard to support his younger siblings to study, but he was blackmailed and bullied by gangsters, and he was also framed for robbery. After experiencing these accidents, he was involved in He was involved in right and wrong with black and evil, and gradually lost in “money” and “power”. His identity changed from a fishmonger to the leader of a local gang-related organization, and he even made a powerful group under his name into a One of the best enterprises in Jinghai City.

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In addition to the two main characters An Xin and Gao Qiqiang, Xu Jiang, the vicious underworld leader, the wily and calculating Uncle Tai, and Gao Qisheng, who is sensitive, suspicious and quick-witted in the play, also show their distinctive characters and characters in just a few episodes. Rich psychological layers. The characters portrayed in “Hurricane” have their own emotions and lives, desires and motivations, and the characters and plots are very interesting.

The line design and lens design of “Hurricane” have a deep meaning. Facing the arrival of the provincial guidance team for education rectification, Zhao Lidong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Jinghai City, said, “It’s a gust of wind at most.” A big thunderbolt should cause heavy rain”, then he turned to ask Meng Dehai, member of the Standing Committee of the Jinghai Municipal Committee, but the other party didn’t speak, but just took a sip of water. A short scene is full of metaphors and tension, which sets the tone of the whole play full of doubts and turbulence.

In-depth exploration of human nature

Adding suspense and reasoning on a large scale, “Hurricane” narrates the theme of anti-crime and evil very “intelligently”. Crisis, when getting into Tang Xiaolong’s brother’s car and fleeing, the camera stretches in the opposite direction to the escaping car, implying that Gao Qiqiang and others have embarked on a criminal path that runs counter to humanity and justice. In addition to stimulation, it also extends more profound levels worthy of the audience’s careful chewing and repeated savoring.

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The main creator of the play said that as a drama on the theme of anti-crime and evil, the intention of “Hurricane” is not only to tell a wonderful black-and-white contest, but to dig deeper into human nature and reflect on reality.

Different from other dramas of the same theme, the villain’s “family history” is one of the narrative focuses of “Hurricane”. The introduction of the series said, “This drama is a breaking latest news of the rise of the evil forces, detailing the escalation of the illegal growth of black and malignant tumors; it is a memoir of the resolute struggle against evil, spanning 20 years of time changes, It shows the black-and-white contest and the complex human nature.” “Hurricane” has a special design at the beginning of each episode: a monologue by Xu Zhong, the Esau Black Supervision Commissioner and the leader of the provincial education rectification station guidance group, to reflect on the investigation process. In the constant questioning, the answer to “Publicity produces brightness, honesty produces prestige. Only law enforcement officers who strictly abide by justice and integrity can remain invincible and become a steel knife that will never rust” is also played in the play Alarm bells sounded outside.

In recent years, there have been many excellent film and television works on the theme of anti-crime and evil. Most of the plots of these dramas have made great efforts in the wonderful black-and-white contest. Dig deep, and reflect on reality. For example, Li Chengyang played by Sun Honglei in “Sweeping Black Storm”, he looks ruthless but the most affectionate, sober and chaotic, innocent but worldly, brave and cowardly, his contradictions make him constantly full of changes and dynamic development, accommodate The most human traits we have ever seen and imagined.

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