Home Entertainment The Polish biopic “Blind Luthier” reveals the ultimate trailer for the “high light moment” with nowhere to stay_Ognik_Music_Miet

The Polish biopic “Blind Luthier” reveals the ultimate trailer for the “high light moment” with nowhere to stay_Ognik_Music_Miet

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Original title: The Polish biopic “Blind Luthier” exposes the ultimate trailer for unwillingness to start the “highlight moment”

Sohu Entertainment News. The Polish film “Blind Luthier” is based on real people and tells the legendary life of the talented blind pianist Miet, who is outstanding and full of suffering. A few days ago, the film was officially announced and will be released nationwide on December 10. At the same time, a preview and poster were released. In the preview, Miet’s music road has encountered multiple obstacles. He kept fighting but kept hitting the wall. It was not until the opening of the new door of piano performance that he regained his life and found himself. “Blind Luthier” is directed by the director Maciej Peprica and starred by David Ognik. It has swept all major film festivals in Poland and won 16 nominations and 8 awards. It was shortlisted in the main competition unit of the Shanghai International Film Festival. The Most Popular Foreign Actor Award at the Golden Rooster International Film Festival. The film was released nationwide on December 10.

Tenaciously fight against the injustice of destiny

The preview released this time looks back on the miserable experience of Miyet’s special kind, the gradual loss of eyesight, the abandonment of his father, the early death of his mother, the helpless foster life in the monastery…Even though he has a talent for music, his piano road has always been accompanied by it. With cold eyes and ridicule, in order to play the piano, he kept hitting the wall, and once again suffered the departure from friends and beloved…This weak man who has been teased by fate and has almost no power to fight back, the only thing that can be used to resist is his music. He is immersed in the “colorful” notes with an aloof attitude, insists not to be in harmony with the world, and shines in the spotlight with a unique artistic personality charm. Miyet stubbornly walked through the thorns and fought against the injustice of fate, and finally reached the peak of Polish jazz.

At the same time, the fixed-file poster was released, placing the young and adult Miette one after another among the keys, which means that his life is inseparable from the piano. Music is the only way for him to communicate with the world and fight against unfair destiny. He poured his soul and emotion into the piano performance. He enjoys the feeling of letting the audience listen with breath. It is a moment that belongs to him alone. David Ognik, the protagonist in the film, also contributed his superb acting skills, fully expressing the loneliness, fragility and stubbornness of this genius. Under his interpretation, Miet is not only the blind pianist who reversed his life, but also a legendary artist with an unruly soul. He burns himself in loneliness and hits the hearts of the audience with his super personal charm.

Male lead performances swept all major film festivals in Poland

The movie “Blind Luthier” is the second collaboration between Polish “Hall-level” director Maciej Peprica and “National Treasure” actor David Ognik. Eight years ago, “Life Is So Beautiful” first cooperated with multiple results. Honor, the latter has since opened its own way to the top, and once again working with them is to collide endless sparks. Previously, the film received 16 nominations and 8 awards in major Polish film festivals, and then landed at the Shanghai International Film Festival to compete for the Golden Goblet Award, and won the Most Popular Foreign Actor Award at the Golden Rooster International Film Festival, spanning multiple countries. What remains unchanged is the audience’s love and appreciation for the movie.

The film “Blind Luthier” is directed by director Maciej Peprica and starred by David Ognik. Polish jazz pianist and music producer Lešek Moss serves as the soundtrack and tells about the talented pianist. The legendary story of fighting against unfair fate. The film will be shown nationwide on December 10.Return to Sohu to see more


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