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The popularity and word-of-mouth of “Youth Song Xing” ended to witness the blood of young people in the cold winter-Qianlong.com.cn

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The popularity and word-of-mouth of “Youth Song Xing” ended to witness the blood of young people in the cold winter-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: “Young Song Xing”, which is both popular and popular

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Zhou Munan, The Impossible World, produced by Youku and Morningstar Shengshi, co-produced by Shengge Film and Television, and China Film Niannian, directed by Yin Tao, starring Li Hongyi, starring Liu Xueyi, Lin Boyang, Ao Ruipeng, Li Xinze, Dai Yanni The ancient costume martial arts drama “Youth Song Xing” starring and starring will end today on Youku members.

Emperor Mingde was seriously ill and summoned Xiao Se to enter the palace to start a new journey

The ancient costume martial arts drama “Youth Song Xing” tells the story of the protagonist group composed of Xiao Se, Wuxin, Sikong Qianluo, Lei Wujie, Tang Lian, and Ye Ruoyi, who accompany each other all the way. Under the grand world view of the play, each character’s bizarre life experience, wonderful encounters, and personality colors, etc., are slowly unfolding along with the clues of walking in the rivers and lakes. In the latest episode of the finale, Emperor Mingde was seriously ill and wanted to explain his funeral, so he hurriedly called Xiao Se into the palace. And the candidate for the throne will also be announced to the public. As the most popular candidates, who will be crowned the great treasure, Xiao Se or King Bai? The replacement of the new king will inevitably lead to a storm, and where will Xiao Se go? And at the end of the story, everyone in the Youth League will pack their bags again On the road again, what kind of new stories are waiting for them in the future? After this adventure in the rivers and lakes, the youth group has found the mountain that they are eager to conquer in the next journey of life. They are determined to go to the rivers and lakes and continue to pursue their love. Presumably they will become famous big shots in the Shaoge Jianghu in the near future!

The popularity of “Youth Song Xing”, which has been widely acclaimed in the industry and abroad, continues to rise

Since the broadcast of “Youth Songs”, with its three-dimensional character creation, exciting plot stories, and refreshing and enjoyable fighting scenes, it has gained extremely high popularity and reputation along the way. Whether they are fans of the original books, actors, fans of genre dramas, or even melon-eating audiences who just surf the Internet, they are all unconsciously attracted by “Young Song Xing”, which set off a wave of drama chasing.

During the broadcast of the show, the popularity on Youku continued to rise. “Young Song Xing” went live in the second week of its launch, and its popularity quickly exceeded 10,000, and it won the daily popularity of the station 26 times, occupying the first place in the nine rankings of the station. Both the popularity and the topic are flying together, and there are more than 1,550 hot searches on the whole network of the show. Some viewers commented on the show “The friendship between the hot-blooded teenagers is really crying”, “I love the rivers and lakes and the soul-stirring young chivalry in the play”, “I haven’t seen such a hot-blooded TV series for a long time”….. . Netizens enthusiastically “revealed the update” and started heated discussions on the plot, characters, details, etc. in the play.

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In addition, according to industry data feedback, “Youth Song Xing” continues to lead the list on several major platforms such as Yunhe, Maoyan, Dengta, Guduo, Detawen, Vlinkage, and Kuyun. In terms of Douban, the show’s ratings have continued to climb since it was broadcast, and it has soared to 7.7 points as of today, showing a lot of stamina. Both inside and outside the industry have given high praise to the quality and sincerity of the show.

Opening a new style of rivers and lakes with juvenile martial arts, expressing the enthusiasm and purity of youth in and out of the play

Previously, Yin Tao, the director of “Youth Song Xing”, said in an interview: “”Youth Song Xing” is a brand new new martial arts system.” How to realize the breakthrough of “from scratch” is not easy. The concept of new martial arts must not only be interpreted well, but also as a film and television work, it must be closely coordinated in actual shooting and landing. To this end, the production team and the starring team have put in a lot of effort.

Character shaping is the core part that can best highlight the new martial arts temperament of the work. In order to better portray the trueness and purity of the hot-blooded teenagers and the free and easy chivalry of the martial arts arena, each leading actor has tried his best to figure out his own role. My own understanding makes the characters more flexible and specific. “Young Song Xing” can capture the hearts of people inside and outside the industry, it is inseparable from the pure and persistent pursuit of creation by the actors and all behind-the-scenes personnel. Everyone involved in the work is as enthusiastic and sincere as a teenager.

The young people and their party are full of pride, reaping the transformation from immature to mature, and at the same time engraving the profound meaning of youth. The handsome young knight-errant gradually understands the weight of friendship. And the group of friends who fought side by side with him is his indestructible backing when he gallops in the rivers and lakes. While conveying enthusiasm and sincerity, “Young Song Xing” also lived up to the audience’s expectations and love, realizing a new exploration of martial arts themes and a new display of youth group portraits. The teenagers’ dream of riding horses in the rivers and lakes continues, the rivers and lakes are far away, and the young heroes will meet in the future!

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