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The pre-sale box office of the new film during the Spring Festival breaks 300 million. Chengdu’s pre-sale ranks fourth in the country_Local_News Home_Red Star News

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The pre-sale box office of the new film during the Spring Festival breaks 300 million. Chengdu’s pre-sale ranks fourth in the country_Local_News Home_Red Star News

The pre-sale box office of the new film in the Spring Festival breaks 300 million, and the pre-sale score in Chengdu ranks fourth in the country

According to the data of Beacon Professional Edition, as of 22:08 on January 18, the total box office of new film pre-sales in the Spring Festival in 2023 reached 300 million.

This year’s Spring Festival, the 7 films are ranked according to the current pre-sale results. rear. Among them, 5 live-action films and 2 animated films cover science fiction, comedy, animation, ancient suspense, sports themes, etc.

In addition, “Chinese Ping Pong: Jedi Counterattack”, which was originally scheduled to be released on the first day of the Lunar New Year, was temporarily changed to the third day of the Lunar New Year, so the pre-sale started later. It is reported that this is related to some temporary adjustments of the film, or the film studio delayed the release time in consideration of avoiding the fierce box office competition two days before the Spring Festival.

This year’s Spring Festival film length is “the longest in history”

Chengdu’s pre-sale results ranked fourth in the country

It is worth noting that the average length of the Spring Festival films this year is the longest in history. According to the release notice, the average film length of this year’s Spring Festival film is still the longest in history, of which “The Wandering Earth 2” is 173 minutes, “Man Jianghong” is 159 minutes, “Unknown” is 128 minutes and “Chinese Ping Pong” is 137 minutes. The four movies are more than two hours long, and the nearly three-hour “Wandering Earth 2” has been on par with “Avatar 2”.

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Judging from the average pre-sale ticket price, the average pre-sale ticket price for the 2023 Spring Festival stalls is 53.7 yuan, which is 2.5 yuan lower than the average ticket price of 56.2 yuan for the 2022 Spring Festival stalls pre-sale at the same stage, which is also nearly 7 yuan since 2016. Years down for the first time (except 2020). The reporter saw on the ticketing platform of Chengdu Cinemas that the average ticket price of the six films that have been pre-sold for the Spring Festival this year on the first day of the new year is around 50 yuan, and the ticket price of the IMAX version of “The Wandering Earth 2” in some theaters is even higher. Break through the hundred yuan mark.

This year’s Spring Festival, Chengdu’s performance in the national city pre-sale rankings and the ranking of the proportion of shows are very impressive. According to the Beacon database, as of 20:00 on January 18, Chengdu’s pre-sale box office for the Spring Festival in 2023 is second only to Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin, ranking fourth among cities across the country.

Is the pre-sale result a foregone conclusion?

“Dark Horse” has not yet appeared

On the morning of January 14, this year’s Spring Festival pre-sale officially opened. Although it was later than in previous years, the second day after the pre-sale started, the total pre-sale box office of 6 new Spring Festival films has exceeded 100 million yuan. Today, there are still 5 days before the arrival of the Spring Festival stalls, and the real-time pre-sale box office of the Spring Festival stalls has exceeded 200 million yuan.

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With the official opening of the pre-sale, this year’s Spring Festival stalls also officially fired the first shot. However, judging from the current pre-sale and film schedule, it seems that there is a certain discrepancy with the previous ranking of the number of people who want to watch.

According to the previous third-party media’s forecast data on the box office of each new film during the Spring Festival, “The Wandering Earth 2” predicts a total box office of 2.8 billion to 3.8 billion yuan; The total box office is predicted to be 1.45 billion to 2.4 billion yuan; “No Name” is predicted to have a total box office of 350 million to 600 million yuan. However, the current number one pre-sale result is “No Name”, which was predicted to be relatively low in the total box office. In addition to the pre-sale top spot, the film’s attendance rate far exceeds other films. As of the morning of the 17th, “No Name” was released The attendance rate on the first day has reached 16.7%, and the average number of people per game is 18.4.

It can be seen that the influence of the fan appeal of the two leading actors Wang Yibo and Yi Yangqianxi in “No Name” and “Man Jianghong” on the current pre-sale results cannot be underestimated. Fans of traffic stars grab tickets and occupy seats in advance, which has played a considerable role in promoting the current pre-sale situation.

However, some industry insiders pointed out: “The pre-sale box office results cannot reveal the actual box office situation. Fans participate in the pre-sale more in advance, which may be of great help to boost the popularity of the film in the early stage, but the final public word-of-mouth of the film is the key.”

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The Spring Festival file has always been an important time for “dark horses” to appear frequently. Judging from the analysis of the box office champions of the Spring Festival file in the past few years, word of mouth has a huge impact on the box office performance of the Spring Festival film. There are many films that rely on word of mouth in the end, and there are often cases of counterattacks at the box office. For example, the popularity of “The Wandering Earth” and “Hello, Li Huanying” during the Spring Festival in previous years were all “dark horses” from behind.

As the premieres of major films have not yet started and word-of-mouth has not yet been released, the pre-sale is only a preview of the Spring Festival. Whether the “dark horse” will appear in this year’s Spring Festival, and how the box office will be, we have to wait for the Spring Festival to officially kick off and the main moviegoers will enter the venue before we can see the outcome.

Chengdu Daily Jinguan News reporter Lu Xingyu

Editor: Ge Hongyu
Editor in charge: Dong Le

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