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The pre-sale of the movie “Wild Horse Splitting Mane” is fully open to travel on the road and promote the world’s “heart is wild”_TOM Entertainment

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Directed by Wei Shujun, traveling around, starring Zheng Yingchen, starring Wang Xiaomu, Tong Linkai, Zhao Duona, Liu Yuting, and special starring in Li Meng’s absurd youth film“Wild Horse Split Mane”Today, the publicity song “Heart Must Be Wild” was exposed, a passionate song full of attitude, which sang the youth declaration of the wild horse youth. Regardless of the absurdity and cruelty hidden in the “adult world” ahead, the teenagers are willing to open their arms to welcome everything the world has given. Pain, laughter, parting, love and hate, you can only taste it once for yourself! At the same time, in response to the audience’s expectations, “Wild Horse Mane” has been on pre-sale today. We sincerely invite you to go wild again before you grow up!

Break through constraints without fear of the world——

Wild boy “sing to the world”

“I want to sing a happy song for you, a song that makes you forget all your sadness.” A line of lyrics reveals the cheerful tone of the film. In the mixed cut of the highlights and the main film, the optimism behind the scenes of the film, Ah Kun’s boring life unfolds slowly. Standing at the demarcation point of the social campus, he was trapped by the “sea of ​​mediocrity” of life. “Who wants to live in this uninhabited wilderness forever, who wants to just disappear into the night like this” An unwilling flame stirs in Akun’s heart Before it was wiped out, the teenager finally mustered up the courage to clean up his ambitions, and drove a second-hand jeep with his friend, and in the fearless declaration that “we weren’t born anywhere”, he drove towards the far and wide grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Away.

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The pre-sale of the movie

The fledgling wild horses, dashing without fear, loneliness and ridicule, wandering and tears, are the marks of their constant confrontation with the world. Along the way, the teenagers kept saying goodbye and met again, completing the self-consistent with the heart and the world. As the song sings “Just like this, whatever you want”, this is not a helpless compromise to see through the truth, but a calm face after seeing the way forward.

The pre-sale of the movie

Regret is true youth——

Before I grew up, I was wild again

There are still days to go before the release. In order to satisfy the eager audience, in addition to the full pre-sale today, the film has also released a number of original clips, reflecting the real experience of contemporary young people, and also sparking a lot of discussion. Love is not high or low, but in the face of luxury sports cars, can second-hand Jeep still carry the security of love? In the chaotic adult world, is it full of pain to be sober alone? Akun thought on the watershed of life, and took the initiative to attack in his own way. Mercedes-Benz is on the way to find the answer and chase itself. The teenager stirs the mediocrity and injects inexhaustible vitality into the dull world. It’s no wonder that some viewers mentioned that “Wild Horse Splitting Mane” is not only an objective description of the horse running form, but also a true portrayal of the wild boy represented by Akun, breaking the restraint against the wind, and even the audience said with excitement, “I like Akun too much.” That kind of unrelenting energy and passion for fighting the world!”

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The pre-sale of the movie

Director Wei Shujun also expressed the hope that the audience can gain courage from Akun. Just as he walked into the class and showed vividly the sound of horses hoofs galloping through the grassland in the questioning of teachers and classmates, there is not only one way of voice expression, how to spend youth, let alone a standard answer, only in your own way, It’s not wasted.

The pre-sale of the movie

“Wild Horse Mane” is directed by Wei Shujun, travels around, starring Zheng Yingchen, starring Wang Xiaomu, Tong Linkai, Zhao Duona, Liu Yuting, and Li Meng especially starring. The film tells the story of Akun, who is about to graduate from university. In the collision, I still choose the story of running to the distance without fear and fear. The film will be released nationwide on November 26, and the pre-sale is now hot. We look forward to seeing you all.


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