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The premiere of the nature trilogy “Water·Wind·Pottery” in Xi’an Tan Dun: Delivering “Organic Music” with the Spirit of Craftsman_国际_作品_水乐

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Original title: The premiere of the nature trilogy “Water·Wind·Pottery” in Xi’an Tan Dun: Delivering “Organic Music” with the Spirit of Craftsman

China News Service, Xi’an, December 4 (Reporter Yichen Zhang) “The post-epidemic era has brought us thinking about how people and nature can blend together. The sounds, colors and feelings of nature have brought me a lot of musical inspiration.” International Tan Dun, a well-known composer, conductor, and honorary artistic director of the Xi’an Symphony Orchestra, said.

On the evening of the 4th, the 20th Xi’an International Music Festival kicked off. As the opening performance of the music festival, Tan Dun’s nature trilogy “Water·Wind·Tao” was presented to the audience for the first time.

According to reports, the Nature Trilogy is also known as the “Organic Music Trilogy”. The so-called organic music can be simply understood as the sound of water, wind, ceramics, stones, paper and other substances.

“‘Organic music’ is not only based on the natural materials in our lives, but also embodies the commonality between nature and our hearts.” Tan Dun said that Xi’an is an ancient city, and the pottery left by the Banpo site reflects the civilization of that era. The notes played by pottery instruments are the wealth left by our ancestors.

Tan Dun was born in Hunan. In 1979, Tan Dun composed the first symphony work “Li Sao”; in 1989, he released the work “Nine Songs” played with self-made instruments, and released his first album “Nine Songs” the following year; 2001 , Won the Oscar for Best Original Music Award; in 2008, created iconic music and awards music for the Beijing Olympics.

Tan Dun said that in fact, every piece of a musician’s work is a dialogue with history and a communication with nature. I hope to take the Xi’an International Music Festival as an opportunity to share with you the creation and thinking of musicians, conductors, and composers during the epidemic.

As a world-renowned composer and conductor, Tan Dun has performed in the Berlin Philharmonic, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra and other world-class orchestras. This time he and Xi’an Symphony Orchestra performed the nature trilogy including “Water Music “Three works of “Paper Music” and “Yao Le”.

At the performance site, “Water Music” uses “water” as a musical instrument to make a sound, and cooperates with the orchestra to create poetry, painting and Chinese flavor; “Paper Music” uses paper cutting and blowing, stacking and knocking paper. Performance transforms static performance into dynamic; “Yao Music” brings the “sound of the earth” to the audience through the methods of blowing pottery, pulling pottery, playing pottery, and knocking pottery.

Since its establishment in 2002, the Xi’an International Music Festival has become a cultural “business card” for enhancing the soft power of Xi’an city, promoting regional development, and enhancing international exchanges. The theme of this year’s Xi’an International Music Festival is “Music is life, everything has a spectrum”, including “theatre unit”, “exhibition unit”, “city unit” and other sections.

“I went to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses and was shocked. More than 2000 years ago, we reached a considerable height in art and pottery craftsmanship. Then, our modern artists and musicians should also pass on this’craftsman spirit’. “Tan Dun said. (over)Return to Sohu to see more


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