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The premiere of the strong file | “Li Mao as a prince”: It’s a holiday, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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The premiere of the strong file | “Li Mao as a prince”: It’s a holiday, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Original title: The premiere of the strong file | “Li Mao Playing as Prince”: It’s going to be a holiday, hahahahahaha

A wealthy daughter, Yang Jiazhen (played by Ma Li), married a small catcher, Li Mao (played by Chang Yuan). Li Mao unexpectedly discovered that he had the same appearance as the prince of the dynasty. One wanted to enter the palace to get a promotion, and the other wanted to leave the palace to gain freedom. The two exchanged identities, but they did not know that they were gradually involved in the conspiracy of Shangshu…

I have seen many good dramas of “Exchange Life”, and classic masterpieces have also been born, such as “Changing Faces”, “Born to Be a Couple”, “Crowded Crowd” and so on. “Li Mao as the prince” starring MaryOn the stage of “Shy Iron Fist”, he performed with Allen once, which caused a strong reaction from the audience, and the box office revenue exceeded 2.1 billion.

This time, her other partner Chang YuanResponsible for one person to play two roles, challenge himself to play against himself, and switch freely between the timid and humble catcher Li Mao and the confident and noble prince of the royal family. .

In order to play the two roles well, Chang Yuan constantly pondered their body and voice, “Every day I exist like this with two people. Li Mao belongs to the kind of person who is arrogant, and the prince is a high-ranking person, which is quite enjoyable! “

Judging from the title of the film, “Li Mao as the Prince” uses a “homonymous stalk”, which is the same as “civet cat for a prince”. This is a folklore, and the plot is about the matter of “dropping identity”. Two people with the same appearance and two completely different identities, after a conspiracy between the two, decided to exchange lives and start a new life.

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This twist is not another twist

Since the 2015 play of the same name “Charlotte Trouble” was put on the screen, happy twistIt started a smooth road to hang up, and under the strong promotion of “Shy Iron Fist” and “The Richest Man in Xihong City”, it soared to become the head company of the Chinese comedy family. In addition, Happy Twist alsoA large number of outstanding resident actors have been launched, such as Shen Teng, Ma Li, Allen, Chang Yuan, etc. They actively stationed in other performances and contributed to the Chinese comedy family.

“Happy Twist” seven years ago

Although “Li Mao Playing as Prince” is not a project produced by Happy Twist Films, it brings together a group of well-known “twist” artists, including Ma Li, Chang Yuan, Allen, Wei Xiang, Huang Cailun and other leading actors are Happy Twists Veteran resident actor.

In the “Charlotte” trio seven years ago, Shen Teng was the source of the joke, Allen was responsible for force, and Ma Li was responsible for wisdom and beauty. Each of them had their own personal labels that they focused on, and they have been kept for a long time. . In recent years,Ma Li, Wei Xiang, and Chang Yuan formed the “New Happy Twist Screen Trio”, from “Li Mao as the Prince” to “Hello, Brother”, constantly performing new sparks.

From “father and brother” to father and son

The actors who appear in turn in the film seem to be here to “grab the show”, and they are full of “laughs”.

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Are you familiar with Li Mao’s talent? Huang Cailun, the “narrator” whose suona never leaves his hand in “Walking on the Moon Alone”.

Song Xiaobao made a cameo role as a foreman in the film.

returnPlayed by comedian Yu Yang“Smellsknow a woman”blinddoctordeduceoneroad is pitThe “breakthrough-style medical treatment”, he did not intend to stop the audience’s laughter since he appeared on the stage.

Such a movie that gathers a large number of comedians, and opens its brains and laughs constantly under the alternate background of the era and the dislocation of “exchange life”, received a box office of 462 million at the beginning of this year.

On the occasion of family reunion, watching this crazy comedy with eye-catching lineup, diverse genres, and rich elements like the “Spring Festival Gala” will definitely make you and your family reap unexpected surprises while enjoying the holiday. See you tonight at 18:00!

Source: “China Screen”

Author: Berman

Intern Editor: Huang Jialin

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