Home Entertainment The premiere online drama “Agarwood Chonghua” has the strength to carry Yang Zichengyi and continues to write the epic of Xianxia_TOM Entertainment

The premiere online drama “Agarwood Chonghua” has the strength to carry Yang Zichengyi and continues to write the epic of Xianxia_TOM Entertainment

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The premiere online drama “Agarwood Chonghua” has the strength to carry Yang Zichengyi and continues to write the epic of Xianxia_TOM Entertainment

On August 18, it was produced by Beijing Youku Technology Co., Ltd., Huanrui Century (Dongyang) Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhonghui Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. and Fangte Film Investment Co., Ltd. , chief producer Zhao Zhicheng, chief producer Zhong Junyan, producers Jiang Xinguang, Gao Xinjie, directors Guo Hu, Ren Haitao, screenwriter Zhang Yuanang, Yang Zi, Cheng Yi co-starring in the fine online drama “Agarwood Chonghua” Officially launched. As a high-quality online drama with thousands of expectations, “Agarwood Chonghua” has finally unveiled its mystery, telling the adventures of immortals from a delicate perspective, conveying the chivalrous thought of emphasizing human feelings, lofty love, and helping the world. The drama continues The good reputation of “Agarwood is like crumbs” has captured the hearts of many audiences and won countless praises once it was launched!

Play volumeThe word-of-mouth double harvest, “Agarwood Chonghua” is chivalrousheart ofContinue to write the legend of Xianxia

The emotion of regaining love across life and death, the unspeakable pain of being a shemale who dares to love in a different way, the suffering of silently guarding and wishing for peace of mind… The hit of the boutique web drama “Agarwood Chonghua”, in addition to the compact plot and the hearty performance of the actors The drama, profound and realistic topics and the chivalrous spirit condensed from China‘s excellent traditional culture were also well received by the audience. In the plot broadcast on the first day, the mystery of Liu Weiyang’s identity has been solved, and clues about the hidden secrets behind the battle between the fairy and the devil many years ago also surfaced one by one. In the midst of complicated human affairs, the battle between “life and death” and “righteousness and evil” is imminent. How will Yan Dan, Tang Zhou and Yu Mo deal with it? With the advancement of the fast-paced plot, the fantasy charm of Xianxia dramas is presented one by one.

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The first broadcast of the boutique online drama

Entering the question with a sense of suspense, the solemn and treacherous battle of fairy and demons is integrated into traditional Chinese aesthetics. The condensed character relationship and dense information presentation not only satisfy the brain-burning pursuit of suspense lovers, but also combine the great love of the common people with the small love of the individual. Deeply intertwined, the growth of the characters in the play is refined and shown in a simple, step-by-step manner. Although Ying Yuan, Yan Dan, Yu Mo and others in the play have different growth backgrounds and different personalities, they are willing to run around to protect the justice of the world and find the real murderer behind the scenes. In terms of the main tone of the plot, the open-minded imagination, relaxed and lively rhythm and plot trend have won excellent market feedback, giving the audience a multi-level spiritual enjoyment.

With both warmth and sadism, the multi-dimensional emotional narrative of “Agarwood Chonghua” hits the spoteraproposition

In “Agarwood Chonghua”, in addition to the main plot of guarding the righteousness of the world and finding the mastermind behind the battle between the fairy and the devil, the emotional entanglement between Yan Dan and Ying Yuan is also very popular and concerned by the audience. Sweetness is the mutual understanding of each other’s hearts, deep affection and meaning, and sadism is that they are faced with the restrictions of the world, identity and rules from beginning to end. From the fairy world to the human world, the emotional reversal and layers of entanglement between Yan Dan and Ying Yuan have been pointed out and proved again and again in a long time span, but they are finally lost and forgotten. Impress thousands of viewers. In the latest episode, Tang Zhou sighed with emotion at Liu Weiyang’s regaining his love, and finally decided to release the shackles of his identity and bravely express his feelings to the person he loves. Can he get Yan Dan’s approval? What kind of feedback will Yan Dan give? People are looking forward to it.

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The first broadcast of the boutique online drama

Focusing on the multi-line development of emotions, “Agarwood Chonghua” delicately depicts the emotions of the characters in the play with a line drawing-like technique, showing the audience the various appearances of loving a person, revealing the real problems, and also responding to the audience’s emotions. demands and real needs. In the face of Tang Zhou’s “straight-ball” pursuit of love, how will Yu Mo, who has been silently guarding Yan Dan for many years, choose to deal with it? Whether to love someone is to cherish the tenderness of the moment or face the inner feelings, Yu Mo’s choice has also aroused heated discussions among many netizens. Maybe everyone has their own answers on how to define themselves and how to define happiness.

Starting with chivalry and moving with chivalrous affection, “Agarwood Chonghua” uses time and details to fully grow the characters, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the connotation of the fine fairy tales and grow with the characters in the play. Can Tang Zhou succeed in chasing Yan Dan? What kind of catastrophe will Yan Dan face? What kind of actions will Yu Mo and the demons of Kuanlan Mountain make? More exciting, please lock Youku “Agarwood Chonghua”.

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