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The prospect of the Spring Festival stall is unclear, “Miracle · Stupid Child” temporarily ranks first among “want to see” – China Daily

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2021 Movie Related Statistics Beacon Professional Edition

China News Service, Beijing, January 12 (Reporter Gao Kai) The Spring Festival in 2022 is approaching, and the Spring Festival stalls in this theater have once again attracted people’s attention. It is not clear whether Jinhu Zhishuimen Bridge will deny the file, and the prospect of this year’s golden schedule is unclear. According to the data of the Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of the afternoon of the 12th, the most popular one on TaopiaoPiao platform is “Miracle” for the time being. ·Stupid Child” (512,000).

Looking back at the Spring Festival stalls in the past five years, Zhang Rongdi, an industry analyst at the Lighthouse Research Institute, pointed out on the 12th that the box office of the Spring Festival stalls from 2016 to 2021 has increased year by year, from 3.09 billion to 7.84 billion; among them, the box office on the first day of the Spring Festival stall also steadily increased to 1.69 billion.

From the perspective of single-film performance, every year, there are films that rely on word of mouth to achieve a counter-attack at the box office, such as “Operation Red Sea” in 2018, “The Wandering Earth” in 2019, and “Hello, Li Huanying” in 2021. The box office fell the next day; male-oriented films rarely had a high popularity before the screening.

She analyzed that, usually when the sequels of the series are released, the box office of the champion on the first day increases suddenly, which directly raises the water level of the market. For example, “Tang Detective 3”, after accumulating the popularity of wanting to watch for two years, won a super high box office of 1 billion+ on the first day of the Spring Festival in 2021, which also directly raised the market.

80% of the TOP3 box office is the norm. Among them, in the Spring Festival from 2017 to 2019, the box office champion occupies 1/3 of the box office, the second place occupies 1/4, and the third place occupies 1/5. When the super-head films appear, they will occupy nearly half of the box office during the Spring Festival. For example, in 2016 and 2021, “The Mermaid” and “Tang Detective 3” both accounted for 45% to 50% of the box office.

Zhang Rongdi said that since the finalization of the file has not been finalized, the box office distribution of the 2022 Spring Festival files will continue the “1/3, 1/4, 1/5” distribution model from 2017 to 2019, or return to 2021. And 2016’s “super head” mode, it’s unclear for the time being.

As of the afternoon of the 12th, the top four people who want to watch on the TaopiaoPiao platform are “Miracle Stupid Child” (512,000), “The Four Seas” (314,000), “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf’s Basket Out of the Future” ” (139,000) and “Sniper” (127,000). (The number of people who want to watch the undecided “Shuimen Bridge of Changjin Lake” is currently 225,000)

In terms of the composition of users who want to see, the proportions of gender and age of users of “Sihai” are close to the median line, which is more coincident with the audience of “This Killer is Not Calm”; the users of “Sniper” who want to see are in the “war zone” (male , the proportion of users over 25 years old is high), and the proportion of young women is relatively high in “Miracle · Stupid Child”, which has gathered fans.

There are as many as 5 animated films in the Spring Festival this year, including the new works of the two major children’s IPs “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” and “Bear Infested”. In terms of user composition, compared with “Pleasant Goat”, “Bear Infested” will be more family-oriented, “I Am Tyrannosaurus” is more female, and “Little Tiger Dung Hero” is more male.

In terms of the city distribution of users who want to see users, “Sniper”, “Sihai” and “This Killer Is Not Too Calm” are higher than the average in the proportion of users in first-tier cities; And the proportion of users in fourth-tier cities of “Bear Infested” is relatively high.

In 2021, Beacon Professional Edition will launch the online movie market list, realizing the same-stage display of multi-dimensional data such as box office and number of moviegoers on the three platforms; since then, the index of “market share of feature films on the entire network” will be launched for dramas and variety shows. , to publicly display unified and effective metrics in the drama industry.

Wang Shu, head of the operation of Beacon Professional Edition, said that in 2022, Beacon Professional Edition will continue to improve product and data capabilities, drive the digitalization and standardization of the pan-entertainment industry, and upgrade products in three major areas. Among them, in the data upgrade, a new version of the filmmaker and company library has been launched; in terms of practicality, real-time updates of the popularity and webcast performance of want-to-see, as well as half-hourly updated Douyin announcement data, etc.; In the tool upgrade, the Beacon Professional Edition continues to improve the highlight moments of the film. In addition, the latest major functions such as real-time hot search monitoring and all-day box office forecasting have been launched.

Among them, the real-time hot search monitoring can subscribe to the video’s Weibo hot search with one click, and the related topics can be pushed in real time after they are listed. This function fully covers Weibo’s hot search list, rising list, entertainment list, and outing list, and records the number of topics on the list and the length of time on the list in detail, providing real-time and comprehensive observation tools for both marketers and ordinary users.

In the box office prediction function, the first is the “First Day Box Office Index”. Through in-depth monitoring of the film’s desire to watch before its release, comprehensive analysis of the schedule, genre, audience, word-of-mouth and other dimensions, to predict the film’s first-day box office performance, temporarily in the way of the film party’s service In addition, the Beacon Professional Edition will also launch the “All-day Box Office Prediction” function on January 23, predict the real-time box office of the film in each hour from 10 to 23 o’clock on that day, and display it publicly in real time on the homepage. (Finish)

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