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The Queen of Han: A Classic Reappearance in the World of Yue Opera

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The Queen of Han: A Classic Reappearance in the World of Yue Opera

The renowned Yue Opera film “Queen of Han” had its grand premiere at the Baimeihui Cinema in Hangzhou, drawing in a crowd of eager spectators. The movie, jointly produced by the Shengzhou Yue Opera Art Protection and Inheritance Center and Shaoxing Jiadong Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., tells the compelling story of a wise queen during the Han Dynasty who made remarkable sacrifices for justice.

The film’s director, Qian Yong, emphasized that the movie sought to accentuate the emotional clash between ‘love’ and ‘law’, showcasing the image of a wise emperor and empress. Featuring the participation of several distinguished Yue opera actors, including esteemed national first-class actor Huang Meiju, the film promises to deliver a captivating and authentic portrayal of the historic narrative.

Shengzhou, the birthplace of Yue Opera, has been prioritizing the preservation and innovative development of the art form, as evidenced by the production of modern and traditional Yue opera plays in recent years. In addition to bringing classic plays to the big screen, Shengzhou has also introduced contemporary renditions of traditional Yue opera stories, enhancing the revival of traditional opera culture.

The premiere of “Queen of Han” serves as a testament to the enduring allure and significance of Yue opera, while also embodying the concerted efforts to preserve and modernize this cherished art form. With its rich storytelling and exceptional performances, the film has already left a profound impact on its audience, affirming the timeless appeal of this traditional Chinese art.

Source: Zhejiang Daily
Author: Reporter Ruan Shuai Sharing Alliance·Shengzhou Hu Ji
Editor: Chen Zhouying

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