Home Entertainment The reputation of the TV series “Feng Qi Longxi” continues to ferment, and the story of the Three Kingdoms spy war is attractive

The reputation of the TV series “Feng Qi Longxi” continues to ferment, and the story of the Three Kingdoms spy war is attractive

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The reputation of the TV series “Feng Qi Longxi” continues to ferment, and the story of the Three Kingdoms spy war is attractive

The reputation of the TV series “Feng Qi Longxi” continues to ferment, and the story of the Three Kingdoms spy war is attractive

2022-05-05 14:09:06Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Net News The costume spy drama “Feng Qi Longxi” is produced by CCTV, Xinli TV, etc., adapted from Ma Boyong’s novel of the same name, directed by Lu Yang, starring Chen Kun and Bai Yu, Nie Yuan, Yin Zhusheng, Chang Yuan, Yang Starring Ying, Sun Yi, Yu Haoming, Wang Xiao, Yang Yi, Zhang Xiaochen, CCTV-8 Golden Power, iQiyi is on the air. The play tells the story of the ups and downs of the two “little people” on the secret intelligence line – Chen Gong (Chen Kun) and Xun Xu (Bai Yu) in the era when the world was full of beacon fires. Their brothers depended on each other for life and death. In the thrilling espionage battle, the love broke out with dazzling brilliance, and wrote a heroic legend.

The reporter was informed that more than half of the episodes have been broadcast, and the popularity of word of mouth continues to be bullish. At present, Douban has a score of 7.7, and Weibo has a score of 9.3. As the identity mystery of “Who is Candle Dragon” is solved, the real task behind the “Qingping Project” gradually emerges. There are more and more topics related to the episodes on social media platforms, such as “Fengqi Longxi small and medium-sized people are too good to cry”, “Fengqi Longxi drama has details”, “Fengqi Longxi large workplace Shura field”, netizens have opened their minds ” Playing Terriers” to discuss the “Story of the Three Kingdoms” in his mind. The audience gives back to the creator’s ingenuity in their own way, which undoubtedly injects a booster into the industry, and high-quality works that respect the content and audience can be seen and recognized.

In the play, the spy war stories climaxed one after another, and the reversals kept going: Chen Gong was attacked by the enemy on both sides, Xun Xu led the order to “hoe the traitor”, one wave after another, and the loss of the “secret language engraving”, an important evidence in the Jieting case, raised doubts again, Feng Ying’s true position and the hidden intention of “Qingping Project” deeply affect the audience’s chasing nerves. The beautiful and sassy Liu Ying and the tenacious and brave Zhai Yue showed the brilliance of female spies and received praise. Outside the play, Chen Kun and Baiyu joined hands with all the leading actors to follow the drama online. The audience actively interprets the identities and intentions of the characters, recommends the highlight moments in the play, and there are many “re-creations” with a modern perspective. The military division is regarded as a large-scale workplace, and various roles are substituted into it, so that the spy war group image is richer and more three-dimensional and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

From the point of view of the main idea, the client of People’s Daily published an article saying that “Feng Qi Longxi” “correctly grasps the direction of the historical era, and shows the ups and downs of the fate of the little people”, and highly affirmed the play as “based on the perspective of ordinary people, fast-paced A masterpiece of ancient costume spy warfare without delay.” The clients of Guangming.com and Guangming Daily also published articles praising “Fengqi Longxi” for promoting the beauty of traditional culture, starting with details, “highly restoring the trend of men’s pursuit of ‘beautiful hair’ during the Three Kingdoms period, and depicting the Han Dynasty through details such as cooking and drinking tea. The unique cultural atmosphere at the end.” More than ten mainstream media such as “China Daily”, International Online, World Wide Web, “Beijing Daily” conducted in-depth analysis of “Feng Qi Longxi” from various perspectives such as genre innovation, perspective innovation, and narrative innovation. It is believed that the play has realized the integration of costume drama and spy war drama, with the narrative technique of coexistence of reality and reality, supplemented by the injection of modern logic, which is convenient for the audience to understand, and brings high-quality audio-visual enjoyment and spiritual guidance.

At the same time, “Feng Qi Longxi” has also received extensive attention from many experts, scholars and industry media. There are industry public accounts that compare it with many domestic high-quality spy war dramas, go deep into the core of “spy war” and analyze the confrontation of human nature, connect the background of the Three Kingdoms, and interpret the driving force behind the endless and continuous vitality of such stories. From story conception to audio-visual aesthetics, the play has brought the quality of costume drama content to a new level. The creative spirit of courage and innovation will undoubtedly accumulate valuable experience for the creation of similar plays in the future.

Text/Photo by Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper Industry

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