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The restored version of the movie “The Electric Wave That Never Dies” impresses the audience in Xi’an

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The restored version of the movie “The Electric Wave That Never Dies” impresses the audience in Xi’an

2021-10-16 09:13:00Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network, “Comrades, farewell, I miss you!” In 1958, the movie “The Electric Wave That Never Elapses” was released. The sentence at the end was deeply imprinted in the hearts of many viewers. 63 years later, this classic work once again meets the audience on the big screen, changing from black and white to color. What remains unchanged is that the classic remains the same.

On October 6, China’s first black-and-white-to-color 4K restoration feature film “The Radio Waves” (hereinafter referred to as the restored version of the movie “Never Die”) was jointly completed by the CCTV 5G New Media Platform and the China Film Archive. Radio”), shown in theaters across the country. Since its release, the classic “new appearance” of this red screen has attracted a number of Xi’an citizens into the cinema. Even though the time has passed more than half a century, the “radio wave” has traveled through time and space. People’s hearts touch old audiences and young audiences.

Feelings and more inheritance

The audience feels the unyielding spirit and firm conviction of the revolutionaries

When the old mottled memories and black-and-white images are transformed into magnificent colors through 4K high-tech means, the actor’s expression becomes more delicate and vivid, how can it not make people feel very strange. For more than a week, from Lumiere Studios, to Xi’an SKP Studios, from Wentou·International Studios, to China Film Xingmei International Studios…the restored version of the movie “The Electric Waves That Never Elapsed”, in various theaters in the ancient city Set off a red “viewing storm”.

Although the temperature was low, it failed to block the audience’s enthusiasm for watching movies. In Lumiere Studios, when the film screening began, during the nearly two-hour viewing process, the emotions of the audience were sometimes worried, sometimes excited, and sometimes uplifted with the development of the story in the film… Before being arrested, Li Xia, played by performance artist Sun Daolin, calmly sent a final signal to his comrades in Yan’an, and when he put the coded code into his mouth and swallowed it leisurely, many viewers were already uncomfortable: there was a face. Tears shed tears, and the audience hummed the movie’s theme song “Ode to Yan’an” in harmony with the melody.

Mr. Yang, who specializes in watching movies with his parents, told reporters: “To be honest, I have watched the black and white version of this movie no less than ten times. It’s really amazing-I saw the effect of the screen changing from black and white to color, once again felt the unyielding spirit and firm conviction of the revolutionaries, felt the strength of today’s motherland and the progress of science and technology, mixed feelings!”

Mr. Yang’s parents were equally excited: “I once again see those familiar old artists appearing in front of us so clearly and vividly. Their superb acting skills give people a thumbs up! The role they play is their persistence and loyalty to their faith. No matter when it comes, it’s exciting. The restoration of this movie is really a great thing!”

Stunning and affectionate

Technological means rejuvenate the red classics

In the movie “One Second”, people manually repaired the scenes of the film, which surprised the audience. And in “The Electric Wave That Never Dies”, the “coloring” and “repairing” of the black and white film 63 years ago made many audiences in the ancient city lament, “It was amazing!”

Student Huang, a college student majoring in “post-00” editing and directing, met with her classmates to watch the movie on the first day of the restoration of the film “The Electric Wave That Never Gone” was released. “The film is unparalleled in terms of color, picture clarity, or sound reproduction. Even the lines and pores on the actor’s skin are very clear, and the color reproduction is consistent with the environment at the time. Look at this old movie. The restored version of the movie allows us who were born and raised in peaceful times to look back at the martyrs’ feats and feel faithful faith through images.” Huang said that modern high-tech methods have rejuvenated the red classics.

The reporter learned from the project restoration team that the restoration of classic movies is generally divided into three stages: physical restoration, digital restoration and artistic restoration. In “The Electric Wave That Never Elapses”, after the first three stages are completed, the black and white images are converted into color images through AI and artificial coloring technology.

“The Electric Wave That Never Elapses” is 117 minutes long and has 165,000 frames. The project restoration team dispatched hundreds of people back and forth, and the restoration took 7 months to complete. “The soul of film restoration is artistic restoration.” The person in charge of the project restoration team said that the highest principle of film restoration is “repair the old as the old”. Compared with using modern technology to turn classic films into “new films”, the film maintains the texture of the original film. More importantly, “For this, the restoration team has done a lot of rigorous research. For example, the Peace Hotel, Yan’an Pagoda and other scenic spots are all based on the color images of the year to restore the colors.”

Under the escort of new technology, the red classics are becoming vivid teaching materials for the development of party history learning and education and patriotism education. The reporter checked the ticket purchase platforms such as Taopiao ticket yesterday and found that many movie theaters in the ancient city have launched the Huimin fare for the restored version of “The Radio Waves That Never Die”, inviting more audiences to revisit the classics and pay tribute to the martyrs.

Text/Picture: Sun Huan, an all-media reporter of Xi’an Newspaper


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