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The revenge of perfumeries between ecommerce and services

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The revenge of perfumeries between ecommerce and services

logistics, e-commerce and customer service are the keywords for the development of perfumeries, which this year continue the recovery trend that began in 2021 with a growth of 15% – the highest among the sales channels, followed by salons hairdressing (+ 14.3%) and e-commerce (+ 12.3%) – for a value of over 2.1 billion euros, surpassing the levels of 2019 and regaining the second position on the total market compared to the pharmacy with a share of 18.9% according to Cosmetica Italia forecasts «confirming the renewed interest that consumers turn to the selective channel despite still very critical external conditions as regards purchasing attitudes and propensities; in fact, efforts continue to plan and redefine the distribution methods. Consumers, still oriented towards specialized channels in the home and toilet, in addition to online platforms, in recent months have been confirming the return to past experiences, both in the desire to try the product and in the desire for shopping processes that obviously cannot be facts on digital platforms “.

The trade association also points out that, as has been the case for several years, the price pressure that sustain the sell-out values ​​is confirmed and the efforts and activities to support selectivity in the channel are amplified by the specialized companies that at the turn of the crisis, they launched strategies to support retail and raise customer awareness. Promotional programs intensify in view of sales in the usually very profitable Christmas period.

Promotions aside, the perfumeries are working hard not to lose the positions they have earned. Pinalli, for example, has recently launched a 2 million euro investment plan to expand the warehouse area by 30% and will enhance the automation of product sorting processes, with a reduction in timing, by June 2023, of approximately 40% compared to current workflows.

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In the last four years Pinalli has seen strong growth, both in the offline and online channels: the points of sale have gone from 39 to the current 60 and the turnover has increased on average by 15% per year, going from 55 million in 2017 to 98. million in 2021. There was also a marked increase in the number of employees, from 140 to 400, and that of customers from 287 thousand to 542 thousand.

“Behind these important results there is a little visible but fundamental engine for a retailer that is logistics – underlines Raffaele Rossetti, CEO of Pinalli – a process that from the beginning we chose to manage internally with direct employees, through a fast and efficient business model that sees employees actively involved in decision-making processes. To support this growth and the development plans we have planned for the next few years, with the opening of new stores and the increase in e-commerce, we have decided to further invest in warehouses and automation to respond more quickly to new consumer needs, and at the same time ensuring an even more integrated service to the brands we collaborate with, capable of guaranteeing time, quality and control of the entire distribution chain ».

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