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The Río Negro Regatta resumes and this is the general classification, category by category

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The Río Negro Regatta resumes and this is the general classification, category by category

The only day of rest in the 2024 Regatta has passed and the action resumes today with the dispute of the fourth crossing stage. After three intense partials, The test restarts with the section between the Ferrari Rural Establishment, at kilometer 139 of route 250 and the Conesa Spa. The lagada is scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

The distance of the stage is 40 kilometers and it will take the first boats around two and a half hours to reach their destination. This is one of the longest partial parts of this edition, which has As leaders of the general classification, the Maragatos Damián Pinta and Miguel Abraham Saavedra, who won the first two stages. Their escorts are the Frenchmen Jeremy Candy and Quentin Urban, who are just 4 seconds behind the leaders.

In this edition, The Regatta is divided into 20 categories and so far these are the ones who lead the classification in each of them:

K 2 Senior

Damián Pinta and Miguel Abraham Saavedra, the rivals to beat.

K2 junior

The Boat No. 12 of Valentino Puzzo and Ian Ibern leads Nicolás Rempel and Bautista Pascuali (11) in the general classification.

K2 ladies

Amaike Gopar and Gabriela Lazarte rule in k2 ladies.

K2 master A

Gustavo and Javier Rodríguez lead the way in K2 master A

Mixed K2

Emanuel Carnicero and Martina Catalano, the golden girl of Argentine canoeing.

K1 senior

Julián Salinas is easily winning his category.

K1 ladies

Ana Mas Contreras, just 16 years old. The youngest in the Regatta.

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K1 master A

Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez is winning his category by more than three minutes.

K1 master B

Juan Pablo Martínez, broad dominator of his category.

K1 master C

The stainless Omar Linares rules among the K1 master C.

Knights Crossing A

Fabián and Damián Aravena have the fastest overall crossing.

Gentleman’s journey B

Nicolás Jara and Nicolás Cifuentes won all three stages in their category.

Knights Crossing C

Diego Mastrángelo and Juan Pocai, first among the knights C.

Knights D Crossing

Blas Perotti and Leonardo Correa have 3/3 in their category.

Ladies crossing

Claudia Kissner and Zulma Mendaña, one of the few entirely female boats in this edition.

Mixed crossing B

Víctor Carranza and Johana Rivera dominate with boat No. 128.

Mixed crossing C

Javier Ramírez and Leila Hughes have been winning all the partials in their category.

Crossing mixed D

Roberto Paco Bustos, winner of the Regatta in 1985, leads his category along with Alicia Barth.

520 A

Hector Colin is in front in 5.20 A.

520 B

The eternal Andrés Busnadiego is winning his category by almost two minutes.

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