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The Rise of #姚anna的吃鸡式肖#: A Hot Search Topic in Entertainment Industry

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The Rise of #姚anna的吃鸡式肖#: A Hot Search Topic in Entertainment Industry

The Rise of “#姚anna的吃鸡式肖” as a Hot Search Topic

Kuai Science and Technology reported on February 28 that the topic #姚anna的吃鸡式肖# has been trending in the past two days, sparking interest among netizens. Alongside this, a related Baidu entry “Chicken Acting” has been created to explain the phenomenon.

According to Baidu’s entry, “chicken-style acting” is defined by Anna Yao’s portrayal in the TV series “Ice Hunting”. In a scene where the police search a house, Yao’s movements and expressions were described as slightly exaggerated and tense, leading netizens to compare her gun-holding posture to that of a chicken eating in a game.

The term “chicken game” originally referred to “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” where victors would celebrate by saying “Good luck, eat chicken tonight”, but has since become a general reference to sandbox battle royale shooting games.

“Ice Hunting” is a TV series directed by Gao Qunshu, starring Zhang Songwen and Yao Anna. Yao plays the role of policewoman Zhao Younan in the series, which follows her pursuit of a drug trafficking group.

Gao Qunshu explained his choice of casting Yao Anna as the lead, citing her simplicity and lack of acting training as qualities that matched the character of Zhao Younan, a rookie female police officer.

As the topic continues to gain traction online, it is clear that Yao Anna’s portrayal in “Ice Hunting” has captured the attention of audiences and sparked discussions on her acting style.

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