Home Entertainment The rumored Lu Shenyi ended yesterday, and his ingenious creations achieved over 100 million views-qianlong.com.cn

The rumored Lu Shenyi ended yesterday, and his ingenious creations achieved over 100 million views-qianlong.com.cn

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The rumored Lu Shenyi ended yesterday, and his ingenious creations achieved over 100 million views-qianlong.com.cn

Source title: The rumored Lu Shenyi ended yesterday with ingenious creations and achieved over 100 million views

“The Rumored Doctor Lu” premiered on Mango TV and Himalaya on June 17, and officially ended on June 23. According to the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, “The Rumored Doctor Lu” has exceeded 100 million views within 8 days of its launch, and the highest single-day playback volume has exceeded 22 million. In response to the quirky and interesting characters in the play and the super high looks of the leading actors, it has also caused widespread heated discussions on social media platforms. Fresh character settings, exquisite costume styling, and attention to detail have laid the foundation for the success of the show’s broadcast volume of over 100 million.

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The plot is novel and unconventional, and the IP adaptation has achieved great results

“The Rumored Doctor Lu” is adapted from the original IP of the Himalayan miracle literature “Doctor Lu, your wife is on the hot search again”, jointly developed by Mango TV, Himalaya and Dasheng Media, and jointly produced by Best Media and 1510 , directed by Yang Xianming. The play tells the story of Su Lin (played by Xia Yidan Aikebeer), an oiran who suffers from a strange disease, Lu Yusheng (played by Pu Pu), a genius doctor who suffers from severe fear of women, and Lu Mengyue (played by Li Wenru), a eccentric medical woman. ), the poisonous king Chen Man (played by Wang Ziming) who hides a knife in his smile, and the four face the story of love and hate, life and death, and choice. With the deepening of the plot, the grievances and entanglements between Lu Yusheng and Chen Man surfaced. How will Su Lin choose between the life-saving doctor and the boss who is kind to her? Between brother and lover, how will Lu Mengyue face?

Human design and clothing are well received, and the development of short dramas is a new trend

In addition to the ups and downs of the plot, the settings of the cold-faced genius doctor, the bold oiran, the paranoid drug king, and the pure-hearted medical woman also add a different color to the show. The mutual redemption between Su Lin and Lu Yusheng, the irreconcilable contradiction between Lu Yusheng and Chen Man, the unrequited love between Chen Man and Lu Mengyue, and the naive daily life of Lu Mengyue and Su Lin, every pair of combinations has been wiped out. Different sparks! “The Rumored Doctor Lu” not only created a precedent for “Oiran can also be a heroine”, but also became the first domestic short drama to be simultaneously broadcast on both audio and video platforms. In addition, the show’s exquisite service has won unanimous praise from netizens, and the label of the short drama is shoddy. Antique setting, attention to detail and attention to detail have injected new vitality into the skit market.

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Why did the grievance between Lu Yusheng and Chen Man arise, whether Su Lin and Lu Yusheng can spend the rest of their lives together, and whether Chen Man and Lu Mengyue can achieve a positive result? The must-have short drama “The Rumored Doctor Lu” has been updated. Log in to Mango TV and the Himalaya platform to follow the whole episode in one go!

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