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The second season of STEAM popular science animation “Inspiration Adventure” is officially launched | DVBCN

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The second season of STEAM popular science animation “Inspiration Adventure” is officially launched | DVBCN

On August 8, the second season of the 30-episode STEAM popular science animation “Inspiration Adventure” jointly produced by Oriental Pearl New Media’s BesTV, Ouhua Entertainment, China Film Times and Fengyi Entertainment will be officially released. broadcast online. At 16:00 every day, the protagonist “Little Eddie” in the play will be on the big screen platforms of BesTV, Oriental Cable, Wenguang Interactive TV, BesTV, iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, Mango and other Internet video platforms, haha ​​dazzling, Children’s channels such as Sichuan Women and Children, Internet TVs such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Konka, and Fengxing, Shanghai subway, bus, Shanghai Mobile TV and other platforms covering an average daily population of 5 million people, meet with children on time, and open up an inspiration and curiosity Let’s use 1% of the little inspiration to create great inventions together!

Good animation, plant the seeds of future science

“Inspiration Adventure” tells the story of “Eddie”, an elementary school student who, like his peers, wants playmates, pets, likes robots, and is full of curiosity about everything. One day, Eddie received a mysterious “Encyclopedia of Inspiration”. From then on, whenever Eddie encountered a problem in his life, the “Encyclopedia” would guide Eddie to use his brains to find “1%” in his life. Inspiration”, thereby inventing various “smart props”.

Last season, Eddie invented the clever assistant Pochi by combining the special triangular structure in architecture, cleverly using the principles of light reflection, mechanics, thermal imaging and other principles to create submarine glasses, zero-zero markers and mixes that can see in all directions. Good food helper and other clever props. In this season, Eddie continues to explore the world of science, further discovering the application of principles of aerodynamics, sound waves, electromagnetic induction, etc. in life.

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“Inspiration Adventure” is suitable for children from kindergarten to the fifth grade of elementary school. It creatively integrates cartoons with science, art, architecture and other disciplines, bringing the international STEAM education to the majority of families, allowing children to watch at home The animation can be experienced at the same time, and it can really be learned by play. During the winter vacation this year, the first season of “Inspiration Adventure” was launched, and it was loved by many parents and children. The classic line “Inspiration is coming” became the mantra of small audiences when they were “inspirational”.

The second season of STEAM popular science animation

The person in charge of BesTV said: Curiosity is the inexhaustible driving force for scientific progress; good cartoons should stimulate and protect children’s curiosity and plant thousands of seeds of future science, which is why BesTV has created this high-quality children’s The original intention of animation content boutique IP.

Inspiration for three major upgrades in the new season

The second season of STEAM popular science animation

In the new episode of “Inspiration 2 Gizmo”, Eddie leads his robot friend Pochi on his inspirational adventure. In the new season’s story, Eddie’s classmate Tao Tao also completed many small inventions under the encouragement of Da Encyclopedia. Little Eddie, who refused to admit defeat, decided to start a contest of inspiration with Tao Tao to prove that he was the real kid. Gizmo… Can Eddie prove himself? In addition to the fascinating plot, in order to give small audiences a better experience, “Inspiration 2 Little Invention King” brings three major upgrades:

In terms of plot, more diverse subject content, more interesting plot design, and more inspiring prop ideas allow children to roam freely in the world of imagination;

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In terms of picture quality, in order to improve the viewing experience and better stimulate children’s interest in learning, “Inspiration 2 Little Invention King” breaks through the traditional high-definition picture quality and presents the content in a clearer “4K picture quality”, bringing great Strong visual sense on the screen!

In addition, BesTV will also join hands with the Shanghai Science and Technology Sports Management Center to jointly hold a scientific experience activity in the Science and Technology Sports Carnival in August, so that children can not only learn knowledge on the big screen, but also have the opportunity to gain access to Shanghai Aerospace. Professional guidance of model sports teams, truly apply scientific knowledge to participate in activities, and experience the charm of multi-disciplinary!

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