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The sensual cocoa scent

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What’s this. A fragrance that contains the notes of chocolate, but which has nothing to do with the image of childhood sweetness, on the contrary.
Those who think that gourmands are necessarily and irremediably playful and innocent perfumes, will change their mind after trying the new olfactory compositions, which have a more mature personality and an unsuspected capacity for very high seduction.
While their predecessors were hyperglycemic and seemed to come out of Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house, neo-gourmands have a desire to please an adult and refined audience, so it’s not unusual to find pink, white flowers in their formula. , sacred woods and oud.

Furthermore, if once their game was played on the usual triptych vanilla (or rather vanillin), sweet cocoa and caramel, a trio that enclosed the composition within a decidedly cloying patisserie effect, now their DNA is characterized by complex and decidedly engaging chords, such as popcorn, marshmallows, tiramisu, cappuccino. This is because the public has become very demanding and is no longer looking for a simple perfume with a nice trail that stands out; the enthusiast, now, is looking for a sensorial experience inside a perfume. This is why the fragrances with a gourmand character, lately, have been enriched with new facets – toasted, fortified, crunchy, praline, dark and salty, and the perfumer’s palette has expanded, welcoming ingredients such as coffee, cognac and notes of dried fruit.

Three products for three price ranges

Cocoa Libertine from Maison Tahité it’s bold and uncompromising. Cardamom and patchouli give cocoa a decidedly sensual boost that sends clear messages. Caramel, vanilla and benzoin make the effect softer, but no less effective. To be used, therefore, with caution and knowledge of the facts (92 euros online on maisontahite.com and in authorized stores).

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Roses & Chocolate di Mancera plays more on the floral side – powdery. Therefore it is romantically seductive, it conquers with a soft and reassuring personality. Here the sensation is not of chocolate, but of bitter cocoa powder (125 euros on manceraparfums.com and in authorized niche perfumeries).

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