Home Entertainment The sequel to “For the King” is coming in 2023 and supports 4-player online.

The sequel to “For the King” is coming in 2023 and supports 4-player online.

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The sequel to “For the King” is coming in 2023 and supports 4-player online.

Recently, Curve Games, the publisher of many high-quality independent games, announced that it is working with Canadian studio IronOak Games to promote new works. This time it will launch the strategy adventure RPG game “For My The sequel to The King. It is reported that the previous work “For My King” has accumulated more than 4.2 million players for them on multiple platforms, and this achievement has also brought more experience and inspiration to IronOak Games’ creation of “For My King II”. “For the King II” boldly combines strategy, RPG combat and Roguelike elements to create an epic new experience, and supports online co-op mode for up to 4 players!

As we all know, “For the King” is a cross-border strategy RPG game developed by IronOak Games that mixes board game and Roguelike elements. The game adopts a board game-like grid and turn-based combat content, and at the same time adds a wealth of random events and equipment. It can not only cultivate characters through continuous exploration and adventure in single-player mode, but also can play four-player characters. The online mode progresses towards the goal in a cooperative adventure, and experiences the fun of a Western-style RPG that originated from board games.

Inheriting the many high-quality features of the previous work, “For My King II” brings a new adventure and challenge. In addition to experiencing the changes in this adventure world in single-player mode, the number of co-op connections has been expanded to up to 4 players. Whether it is competing for resources in the online mode, or helping each other on the road of adventure, players will always find different fun. In terms of content, new biomes also provide new explorable content. At the same time, the sequel has also been refined in terms of artistic style, with more refined graphics and a new original soundtrack that will lead players into this unimaginable adventure.

As a strategy-adventure RPG game with special gameplay, the character attributes of “For My King II” are very important in the adventure process, so players need to carefully choose actions and battles to enhance the strength of the character. Under the stalemate of the Roguelike mechanism, although there will be many uncertainties in the game process, the characters can always become stronger through continuous attempts. With the ability to be online, players will also have the ability to fight side by side with friends. more fun.

At present, “For My King II” is being carefully polished and is expected to be officially released in 2023. Interested fans and players can visit the official product page on Steam, or follow Curve Games’ official accounts on station B and Weibo for more information. However, the sequel is worth looking forward to, and the predecessor is just as interesting. “For the King” is on sale on steam, welcome to experience it!

About Curve Games

Curve Games is one of the major publishers in the PC and console gaming space. Since 2013, the company has been partnering with some of the world‘s best game developers, helping them bring great games across all genres to players around the world. Curve Games has created “For My King”, “Upward Battlefield”, “I Am a Little Fish”, “Mowing Simulator”, and the phenomenon-level game “Human Falls”, which has sold more than one million. In recent years, Curve Games has been recognized by the industry for many times, not only won the title of “Independent Game Publisher of the Year” in the MCV Awards in 2018 and 2019, but also won the “Publishing Star” in the 2019 Development Star Award. ” award and won the “Best Publisher Award” at the 2019 TIGA Awards.

About IronOak Games

IronOak Games was founded in 2015 by industry veterans with a passion for board and role-playing games, and is currently part of the Curve Family. “For the King” is their first work, which was widely acclaimed when it was released in 2018, and has sold more than 3 million sets so far.

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