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the services affected in Neuquén, Centenario, Roca and Bariloche

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the services affected in Neuquén, Centenario, Roca and Bariloche

The Automotive Tram Union (UTA) announced a 24-hour bus stoppage for this Tuesday, March 5 in all provinces of the country, except in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA). The measure is due to the lack of joint agreement between the interior and the business chambers, as reported by the union led by Roberto Fernández. How and in which cities Neuquén and Río Negro impacts the measure of force.

The total strike arose from the joint search of UTA to obtain a salary improvement similar to that achieved in the AMBA, where The basic salary of drivers reached $600,000 in January and exceeded $700,000 as of February.

In this sense, the union maintained that The inaction of the authorities and employers led to the conflict, which deepened after the expiration of the mandatory labor conciliation period.

In the official statement, the UTA expressed: «The conflict will deepen due to the inaction of the actors in the process, whether businessmen and national, provincial and municipal authorities». In addition, it was noted that negotiations must be resumed after March 15, incorporating February inflation measured by the Indec CPI.

UTA strike, this Tuesday: what will happen to the buses in Neuquén and Río Negro

Although the measure includes the total cessation of activities in urban passenger transport, In Neuquén, the protest has its caveats.

Gabriel Ceballos, union secretary of UTA Neuquen, He explained that the Pehuenche company does not circulate only on the line that connects Neuquén – Centenario, seeking state intervention to alleviate the financial situation of the sector. The Cipolletti-Neuquén service provided by this firm is not included in the strength measure.

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«In Neuquén, for now, the only company that has not yet settled is Pehuenche, which travels from Neuquén to Centenario. Therefore, for the moment It will be the only one that will make the measure of force effective. Neither the company COLE nor Indalo adhere«said the union representative in Neuquén.

Ceballos reported that the measure of force consists of no car going out to work. In this way, they seek that the The national state intervenes and provides some help because the tariff is not enough.

«Or failing that, the ticket would become too expensive so that users would practically not be able to use it. This would cause a significant recession in our activity. “There must be a balance,” he concluded.

In Río Negro, the situation is more complex. According to Ángel Rubio, general secretary of UTA, iHe reported that the measure will affect the urban passenger service of the Cooperativa 1° de Septiembre in Roca and Mi Bus Amancay SRL, in Bariloche.. Despite the increases in provincial subsidies in recent hours, the force measure remains in place.

Regarding the intercity service, it was learned that the KoKo firm reached an agreement with the Nation to restore the benefit throughout the Alto Valle -on the lines of national jurisdiction- and guarantee the salary commitments assumed with its workers.

The firm’s employees will access a retroactive increase to the month of January of 11.06%, a salary increase for February of 23.45% and an extraordinary fee of $390,000 to be paid in two parts.

Before the news broke, it was expected that KoKo employees would also join the strike, despite being reached by the joint agreement in the AMBA. The situation had become complex since Friday, when the company’s buses stopped circulating due to the difficulty of being able to meet the costs after the elimination of the Interior Compensation Fund.

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