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The Silent Three-Faced Sheep: “Detective 9” Makes a Strong Return with Compelling Mystery and Legal Education

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“Detective 9” Returns with the Premiere of “The Silent Three-Faced Sheep”

Red Net Moment News, February 23 (Reporter Hu Yi)

On February 14, the highly anticipated “Detective 9” made a strong return to television screens. The first episode of the program titled “The Silent Three-Faced Sheep” garnered significant attention as soon as it was aired.

Known for its intricate character relationships, complex storylines, and in-depth analysis of motives and evidence, the “Detective” series has always been a favorite among mystery enthusiasts. The latest installment, “Detective 9”, continues to deliver brain-burning plot settings with constantly twisting storylines, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

In the new season, the “College of Detectives” segment continues to explore the innovative format of a “reasoning + legal education” variety show. Judges and legal experts, including Guo Hui and Duan Huang from the Supreme Court, and Shen Yifei, an associate professor of sociology at Fudan University, provide professional interpretations from legal and sociological perspectives, breaking down the complex cases featured in the program.

Notably, in the two episodes of “The Silent Three-Faced Sheep”, the legal knowledge points integrated into the storyline touch upon current social issues and hot topics. The portrayal of “Rong Yimai” in the “First Case” story serves as a stark warning about telecommunications fraud, shedding light on common fraud methods and providing practical fraud prevention tips. The legal interpretations provided by the judges during the “Great Detective Collegiate Tribunal” sessions offer timely and realistic insights into law popularization.

The judges and scholars involved in the show effectively explain the intricacies of the cases, analyze the characters’ inner thoughts, and clarify legal provisions and consequences in a language that resonates with the audience. By doing so, they aim to instill a deep-rooted respect for the law, promote legal knowledge, and encourage compliance with laws.

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Source: Red Net
Author: Hu Yi
Editor: Shi Wen

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