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The small holiday is coming to the Xi’an stage, and the stage is ready for a good show

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The small holiday is coming to the Xi’an stage, and the stage is ready for a good show

Exploring Spring’s “Poetry and Distant” in the graceful stage

The small holiday is coming to the Xi’an stage, and the stage is ready for a good show

2022-04-01 11:26:16Source: Xi’an News Network

A still from the children’s drama “We Are the Terracotta Warriors”. (Photographed by Shang Hongtao, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press)

Xi’an News Network News is about to usher in a small long holiday, and many citizens have also started “holiday plans”. If you can’t travel far, you might as well explore a different kind of “poetry and distance” in the theaters scattered all over the ancient city. The reporter interviewed many troupes and theaters in our city yesterday and learned that during the small and long Qingming Festival, various artistic feasts including dramas, children’s plays, musicals, concerts, rock and roll performances have been “prepared” for the citizens. Under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the rich stage programs invite audiences of different ages to find their “good hearts”, and also use art to soothe the public’s minds to rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery of spring.

Open the door to the “children’s world” for children

The beautiful spring day is coming quietly, and looking ahead is a flourishing green. In this hopeful season, walking with the children into the childlike world on the stage is not only a parent-child company, but also a childlike world for many parents. It is a testimony of mutual growth. The reporter learned from an interview with Xi’an Children’s Art that during the small and long Qingming Festival, Xi’an Children’s Arts will have two children’s dramas to meet with the children.

Among them, “We Are the Terracotta Warriors” will be staged on April 3rd and April 4th at the West Performance SPACE Garage LIVE Theater, using interesting “museum stories” to bring children into the dreamy overlapping history. time and space. When bronze dragons, Han bamboo slips, Tang Sancai, blue and white porcelain… these cultural relics that witness the splendid civilization “come alive”, the children’s drama will uncover the dusty history and tell the glory and vicissitudes of life.

In addition, on April 3, Xi’an Eryi’s innovative version of the children’s drama “The Three Little Pigs” will be staged at the Zhengrong Rainbow Valley Robin Kingdom Theater. The children’s drama uses three kind and cute little pigs as the protagonists, telling the story of the three little pigs using their brains, united, witty and brave to defeat the cunning weasel and return to their mother’s arms. There are many interactive sessions on and off the stage, I believe that children will gain wisdom in laughter.

In addition to the two children’s dramas of Xi’an Children’s Art, in early April, children’s dramas such as the classic fairy tale drama “Cinderella” and “Super Chef’s Laughter Kitchen” will also meet with small audiences, adding laughter to children’s spring.

Blockbuster classics return to the stage

Many classic works will also meet the audience again. In 7 years, 423 performances were performed, and the Shaanxi Renyi version of the drama “White Deer Plain”, which has traveled to 73 cities, is one of them. On April 1st and 2nd, the play will be performed in two consecutive performances at the Shaanxi Grand Theater, and will meet the elders of the hometown.

From original novels to movies, TV dramas, dramas, operas and dance dramas, the derivative works of “White Deer Plain” have almost achieved a “grand slam” in literary and artistic forms. Since its premiere on the stage, the play has received acclaim wherever it has been on several tours. The whole play is full of hatred for the country at home and love for the country. This time, “White Deer Plain” was staged again in Xi’an, which also aroused the waiting and expectation of many drama fans-for many days, on the official public account of Shaanxi Renyi, a large number of netizens expressed their expectations for the drama, “This is Lao Shaanxi. A man’s own story cannot be parted or forgotten.”

In addition to “White Deer Plain”, the drama “The Second Bowl of Chang’an” that met with the audience a few days ago, and the drama “Sichuan Good Man” that will appear on the small holiday, are also classics that have been tested on the stage. The drama “The Second Bowl of Chang’an” is a “salutation” to Xi’an by Chen Yan, the winner of the Mao Dun Literature Award. “Sichuan Good Man” is a pioneering classic drama that explores the good and evil of human nature, as well as morality and social status, presenting a profound reflection on social reality.

Concerts and talk shows “release pressure” for urbanites

There is childlike innocence, and the drama is heavy. The art stage of the holiday did not forget to send music and laughter to decompress the urban people. During the short holiday, a series of concerts and talk shows will make citizens relax.

The reporter learned from the Western Performance SPACE, a subsidiary of Xi’an Performing Arts Group, that on April 4, a joint special concert of “Snow Mud Claws”, which invites fans to “spread” in the music, will be staged at the Western Performance SPACE·Aperture CLUB. Bands such as Twitch, Straight Edge, OLD LEATHER and other bands will bring their works to get emotional release in rock music with music fans.

There will also be a 100-person symphony animation special concert that will be staged in the Symphony Hall of Xi’an Concert Hall on the evening of April 4th to heal urban people with music. From the childlike “My Neighbor Totoro” to the deeply restrained “Princess Mononoke”, from the fantastic and dreamy “Howl’s Moving Castle” to the unrestrained “Spirited Away”, the orchestra will bring out the classic one after another. The soundtrack of the animation works is performed lovingly, interpreting the meaning of beauty and companionship, and spending a heart-warming holiday with the citizens.

For Xi’an citizens, watching a talk show after get off work and having a good laugh is now the latest popular way of leisure. The reporter learned that in the upcoming short holiday, many talk show theaters will also be restarted, and they will bring their works to meet the audience. For example, the Coke comedy will launch 4 talk shows from April 2 to April 4, and the joke comedy will also launch more than 10 talk shows from April 1 to April 5. ■Sun Huan, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper Industry

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