Home Entertainment The solitary brave man who looks up to the stars is shortlisted for the three European awards. The stunning first work “Gagarin” premieres and broadcasts exclusively on the entire network.

The solitary brave man who looks up to the stars is shortlisted for the three European awards. The stunning first work “Gagarin” premieres and broadcasts exclusively on the entire network.

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The solitary brave man who looks up to the stars is shortlisted for the three European awards. The stunning first work “Gagarin” premieres and broadcasts exclusively on the entire network.

Source title: Being a lonely hero who looks up to the stars is shortlisted for the three European awards. The stunning first work “Gagarin” is happily premiered and broadcast exclusively on the entire network.

On November 11, 2022, shortlisted for the official selection list of the 73rd Cannes International Film Festival, the 33rd European Film Awards Discovery Award, and the 47th French Caesar Film Award for Best Debut Award “European Three Awards” The feature film “Plus” Jialin” was broadcast exclusively on the streaming platform “Huanxi Premiere” under Huanxi Media.

The film “Gagarin”, which focuses on the experience of a cosmic teenager, was screened at the French Film Festival in Beijing this summer. The film has a surprising presentation in the three aspects of script creativity, film soundtrack, and photography scheduling. It was evaluated by netizens as “the level that can win awards without stopping at Cannes”. After the offline screening, there was a wave of applause. Non-professional actor Essene Besley won the best actor crown at the 2020 Seville European Film Festival in Spain with this film.

Dreams, the universe, and life towards death… In a poor slum, a young man’s dream of flying at the cost of destruction spews out, which reflects his resistance to decadent reality and his thirst for “home”. It is extremely romantic. More loudly.

It’s not far to go to space, “Nail House Boy” sends himself to the moon

The universe-loving teenager Yuri shares the same name with the former Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin and lives in the Gagarin community, a slum on the outskirts of Paris. The community fell into disrepair and was listed by the government for demolition. Yuri and his friend Hawthorne and Diana, a newly acquainted gypsy girl, walk through the streets to recycle old electrical appliances, hoping to make the government change their minds by repairing the aging equipment in the community.

The good times did not last long. After an on-site assessment, the government officially issued a demolition order, and all residents were forced to move out. Hawthorne left, Yuri was abandoned by his mother in disguise, and Gagarin, which had no residents, became an empty ruin, only construction workers beat and beat every day.

Yuri and several “nail households” are the last residents here, and the abandoned building has become the embodiment of a lost dream in their eyes. Without interruption, Yuri set about making Gagarin into a real space capsule, with a star map, a greenhouse, and the boundless silence that was swallowed up and the little stars that shone through the city. The capsule built by Yuri can achieve self-sufficiency. In this abandoned building in the suburbs, he takes his dream as a horse and is about to ignite his dream of landing on the moon…

Film critics called Gagarin a “dream cast from rubble”, “a celestial rite of passage” and “an eye-opening urban fantasy”. Before “Gagarin”, no one had ever thought that a bottom-level demolition film could connect the universe. The whole film not only did not have the pessimism of complaining, but instead was full of tension to march towards hope. The lens is full of psychedelic weightlessness, the ethereal electronic music echoes the boundlessness of the vast space, and the young Yuri’s “defense battle” against Gagarin is like the little prince on the planet, brave and decisive.

The film uses both professional and non-professional actors, and it took 6 months for the main creator to find the protagonist Yuri. Yuri’s actor, Ethany Besley, became attached to the film because of a flyer. Diana’s actor Lena Kudry is experienced. In 2020, she won the best new actress at the 45th French Caesar Film Awards for her film “Papika”.

Suburbs that have turned into stars, stairwells comparable to spaceship walkways, buildings like the mother cabin of a spaceship, and a sea of ​​stars made of flashlights. These extremely ordinary scenery have evolved into a regret-free journey across the sea of ​​stars under the director’s lens. . Breaking through the resistance of reality and heading to the land of human’s ultimate dream, this romantic youth to death is compelling and unforgettable.

The slums are not decadent, and the old and dilapidated communities also have proud dreams

“Gagarin” was star-studded and received rave reviews after its release. The story behind the film is also worthy of attention. Gagarin did have its place. It was established in 1963 when French communism prevailed. However, with the decline of communism in France, the community fell into decline.

As a low-rent housing, Gagarin’s residents are mostly immigrants and the bottom of the society. In the end, the government considered “erasing” the slum Gagarin, and the architect invited two non-graduate directors, Fanny Liatad and Jeremy Truy, to “leave some memory” for the community.

As soon as the directors saw this T-shaped red building, they immediately felt very fateful. They first completed the short film “Gagarin” and completed the feature film before the demolition. Musicians Eugene Galperini and Sacha Galperini from The Hunger Games and Persian Lessons provided the score for the film. Hearing about the filming, many Gagarin residents came specially to do their part for the “old friend”.

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The film is mainly filmed in the community, with a small number of other residential buildings still in use. At the time of filming, many residents had already moved away from Gagarin, and the furniture and old photos they left behind became film material. In terms of genre, Gagarin belongs to a “suburban film”. From the core of the film, “Gagarin” is also about a group of people who are far away from the city and abandoned by their “mother”.

More than 300 apartments, behind every door is a family’s ups and downs. Architecture is a solidified art and a collection of memories. In the eyes of residents and creators, the nearly 60-year-old building of Gagarin has life. It is not dilapidated. It carries the dreams of young people who have left here and the deep attachment of generations of residents.

Yuri’s Morse code is not only an information tool, but also the cry of all Gagarin residents: their community has a glorious history, and they refuse to be crudely labelled “poor and backward.” No matter whether he is happy or not, Gagarin is always like a guardian, giving shelter to the residents here equally.

In the film, Yuri in a spacesuit finally completed the “moon landing”. At that moment, he completed the “trinity” of the astronaut Gagarin, himself and the Gagarin building. “Gagarin” represents the immortal ideal of a hero in a declining life, Yuri’s return represents a new life, and Gagarin in his dreams has been flying upwards, flying to the vast starry sky, to the place where hope is born.

The movie “Gagarin” has premiered exclusively on Huanxi. Huanxi Premiere, as a Wuguang selection film platform combining membership system and paid on-demand, covers the three major terminals of PC, mobile and TV, and selects high-quality film and television content for Internet users at home and abroad. There are not only many high-quality domestic movies (series), such as “Warm Hug”, “Crazy Alien”, “One Second”, “Win the Championship”, “The Sky of the Wind Dog”, etc.; there are also many overseas masterpieces, such as Starring Sophia Loren, for which she won the Italian Film David Award for Best Actress for the seventh time, “Long Time to Japan”, the 71st Berlin International Film Festival Golden Bear Award for Best Film Nomination for “Customized Boyfriend”, British film and TV Academy Award for Best Miniseries “Purgatory” (Time) and more. At present, the total number of downloads of Huanxi Premiere has exceeded 38 million, and the cumulative number of paying users has exceeded 11 million.

Huanxi Premiere is a streaming media playback platform under Huanxi Media. As an innovative film and television content investment, production and streaming media playback platform company, Huanxi Media has always adhered to the development strategy of “content + channel” in-depth integration.

Huanxi Media adheres to the principle of “content is king”, and is committed to developing high-quality and diversified film and television works with excellent directors and professional creative teams. It is reported that Huanxi Media has completed a number of first films, which are supervised and starred by Huang Bo, Su “Learning Dad” written and directed by Liang Liang and “Man Jiang Hong” directed by Zhang Yimou are expected to be released in the Spring Festival in 2023.

In addition, “Mr. Red Carpet” directed by Ning Hao and starring Andy Lau; “On the Stage” directed by Chen Kexin and starring Hu Ge, Vincent Cassel and Hao Lei; “The Hedgehog” directed by Gu Changwei and starring Ge You and Wang Junkai; “Fearless” starring Zhang Hanyu; “Up the Mountain” produced by Wang Xiaoshuai; “Safe Evacuation from the 21st Century” directed by Li Yang, starring Zhang Ruoyun and Zhong Chuxi; “Chaoyun Muyu” directed and written by Zhang Guoli, starring Zhou Dongyu and other heavyweight films It will also be released in the second half of 2022 or 2023.

While creating outstanding original film and television works, Huanxi Media is also cooperating with Zebra Zhixing and a number of car brands to seize the new trend of in-vehicle video entertainment, and will continue to strengthen cooperation with Bilibili, Mango TV, Maoyan Entertainment and China. In-depth cooperation with strategic partners such as China Mobile, based on the foundation of high-quality content and improving the strategic layout, the paid users of Huanxi Premiere are expected to increase at a faster rate, and the platform value is expected to be released faster.

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