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The story behind the rave reviews of “Love Live! School Idol Season: The Stars Shining”

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Immersive cultivating RPG mobile game “Love Live! The simplified Chinese version of “School Idol Season: Shining Stars” was launched in China. On the first day, the game was recommended by Apple’s App Store Today and the main game, and successfully won the iOS free list and the TapTap hot list. Since then, the game has remained relatively competitive. It has a high popularity and maintains an average score of 8.5 or more on all major application platforms, which can be described as rave reviews.

Official unique innovative marketing detonates popularity

“Love Live! “School Idol Season: Stars Shining” began to get involved in offline activities at the beginning of the official announcement, and participated in animation exhibitions such as 2020CICF×AGF and CP27. Through setting up offline trial experience and interactive activities, players were the first to become familiar with the game. In order to cooperate with the launch of the product, in the “Love Live! During the public beta of “School Idol Season: The Stars Shining”, users can see the PV of the game in subway tunnel advertisements at Shanghai People’s Square, Century Avenue and many other sites with high traffic. On the evening of May 29, “Love Live! “School Idol Season: Stars Shining” staged a “Miracle Orange Sea” light show belonging to all lesbians in Qianjiang New Town, Hangzhou. Familiar with “Love Live! “Users should know that “Miracle Orange Sea” can be traced back to “Love Live! “Snow Halation” sung offline by the first generation idol group μ’s of the academy. In order to cooperate with the stage performance, more than 30,000 audiences spontaneously changed their colors. With the development of IP planning, “Orange” has also evolved into “Love Live! “A classic symbol.

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Product differentiation makes Love Live!Shine more

“Love Live! “School Idol Season: The Stars Shining” and “Love Live!” Different from “School Idol Festival”, “Love Live!” is based on the concept of “the strongest and best idol game”. “School Idol Season: Shining Stars” has greatly simplified the difficulty of operation, and carried out bold innovations in the level of gameplay. Compared with the predecessor, this game changed the 9 keys for hitting the song to 2 keys, incorporating the elements of RPG on the basis of the music hitting method, and paying more attention to the development of idol characters and the switching of strategies. The game contains 27 academy idols from μ’s, Aqours, and Rainbow Gakuen Academy Idol Club. Players need to form a formation with different attributes and types of academy idols, and at the same time switch strategies flexibly according to the trigger opportunity of the concert. Successfully complete the concert and get a higher score.

In addition, the use of the 3D stage to restore the wonderful performances of the school idols is one of the most obvious features of this work. Players can not only enjoy the dance of the school idols while playing songs, but also freely change the stage scenes and idol costumes through the “MV” mode in the game, and perform any combination of their favorite idols from the 27 student idols. This design can not only meet the needs of different group fans, but also highlight the stage performance effect, allowing players to more focus on the detailed performance of each idol on the stage.

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For now, “Love Live! The results of “School Idol Season: Shining Stars” online also confirm the success of the product announcement. As the first big IP product released by Shengqu Games in 2021, what more interesting activities will be brought to fans in the follow-up, it is very worth looking forward to.

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