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The story of “Pablo EscoBear”, the bear that ingested 30 kilos of cocaine and inspired a movie

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The story of “Pablo EscoBear”, the bear that ingested 30 kilos of cocaine and inspired a movie

On September 11, 1985, the Police of Georgia, in the United Statesfound the corpse of a black bear baptized as “Pablo Escobar”because he died of an overdose after consuming more than 30 kilos of cocaine They had been thrown from a plane. His story inspired the movie “Cocaine Bear” or “Intoxicated Bear”in Spanish, recently released in theaters, but the real version was already worthy of a film script.

The animal was found next to a canvas bag that had been filled with the drug before being thrown from the a smuggler’s plane who came from Colombia. Since then, he has made a pun on the famous narco leader Pablo Escobar and the word very in English (“bear”), to rename it.

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That day, a Kentucky man named Fred Myers found a a dead man in the entrance of his house after waking up in the morning. The subject was wearing a bulletproof vest, gucci loafersnight vision glasses, $4,500 cash, two gunssome knives and the keys to the plane, which crashed 100 kilometers later in the mountains of North Carolina.

It was about Andrew C. Thornton IIa lawyer and former American narcotics officer who had become a drug smuggler in that North American town. The agents followed the flight line of the aircraft and found the different packages of cocaine. They found all but one.

About three months after Thornton’s death, the 150-pound black bear was found dead in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Around his body were 40 empty packets that had been opened, all of which contained cocaine, which accounted for about 15 million dollars.

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The total amount of cocaine consumed was 34 kilograms. The chief medical examiner for the Georgia State Crime Laboratory, Dr. Kenneth Alonso, stated that his stomach was “literally filled to the brim” of drugs.

The final diagnosis on the body of “Pablo” finally recorded a “brain hemorrhage, respiratory failure, hyperthermia, renal failure, heart failure, and stroke“all at the same time.

Pablo Escobear, the intoxicated bear 20230327

“Cocaine Bear”, the movie

Dr. Alonso asked dissect the body of the bear and donated it to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. However, he was lost until later he was found in a pawn shop. Country singer Waylon Jennings bought it and took to the Kentucky Fun Mall in Lexington, where he currently remains.

In March 2021, Universal Pictures announced the development of “Cocaine Bear” (translated as “Intoxicated Bear” in Latin America), based on the true story of poor Pablo Escobear. This Thursday, March 23, it premiered in Argentina, directed by the actress Elizabeth Banks.

Starting from the real premise, the writers decided to give the bear another destination. After accidentally consuming cocaine, he undertakes a bloody wave of murders in a small town where a group of locals and tourists must join forces to survive the massacre.


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