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The story of Rosario Anahí Schmidt, the trans woman who seeks to preside over the UCR in Posadas

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The story of Rosario Anahí Schmidt, the trans woman who seeks to preside over the UCR in Posadas

The members of the Radical Civic Union of the provincial capital of Misiones will renew authorities of the municipal committee this Sunday, March 10. There they will meet the official candidate, Ariel “Pepe” Pianesi, from the Evolution list, and Rosario Anahí Schmidt, from New Radicalism. In communication with PERFIL, the candidate with a long teaching career spoke about her identity as a trans woman in Posadas and her objectives, highlighting that “politics has no gender, we can all participate.”

Schmidt has already started the process to retire, after a life dedicated to teaching Mathematics, Physics and Cosmography —a science that is part of astronomy—, which allowed him to dedicate himself fully to politics. “I always participated, but in a low profile, supporting other candidates. This time I decided to do it myselfhighlighted who was also one of the first trans union women in the country. Schmidt assured that he is “of radical birth” and said that “it touched him very deeply” to listen to speeches by Raúl Alfonsín, which “fascinated” him.

“I taught Mathematics at the National University of Misiones and already in the second year I was participating in the student center of the Faculty of Humanities. I was a member of the Purple Strip until approximately the fourth year, because I was working at the University. Then I worked in the province, as a teacher. Always low profile, I never sought to neglect my professionalthough he was active,” he told PERFIL.

Schmidt: “Radicalism stopped occupying the place it traditionally had and it is time to recover the lost spaces”

I spent eight years in the union of the Teachers’ Union of the Province of Misiones.I joined the board of directors and, at that time, the provincial government offered Marilu Leverberg be a candidate for national representative and she was looking for consensus, so I gladly did your campaign”, added Schmidt, in reference to the “catch-all” party of Social Concord that the deceased teacher was a member of. At eight years old, “I got saturated, because the requirement was from Monday to Monday, 24 hours a day, and I went back to the classrooms,” she said, without failing to clarify that she had “a great militancy with the teachers, whom I knew how to accompany” in the guild.

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Last year, Schmidt also ran as mayor of Posadas for Together for Change, receiving 2,183 votes, “being new to the world of politics,” she pondered. After reviewing her career, the union member celebrated: “Now I am a candidate for the Posadas municipal committee as president of radicalism, so I am fighting for that space, remembering that Politics has no gender, we can all participate”. In list 3, Schmidt is accompanied by Juan Ramón Retamar, Myriam Estela Planas and José Mariano Ivanizen, while for the provincial convention for the municipality of Posadas the list is headed by Osvaldo Alfredo Navarro, Graciela Ester Sousa and Cristino Prieto.

When asked about her proposals, Schmidt highlighted that Within the UCR “we want new horizons and bring in new people, because there are screws in the party and they have not resolved the problems of the Posadeños”. “Radicalism stopped occupying the place it traditionally had and it is time to recover the lost spaces, we need to look for solutions to the lies we suffer. There was use and abuse of a party for the benefit of a few characters. We need to change that, raising the flags of radicalism to the highest level, where we have always been,” he shot against the ruling party.

What do we talk about when we talk about the gender gap?

Regarding the needs of Posadas, he identified that the city “is very large”, that it grew “towards the sides” and that, with this, the demand for better services increased. “There is a need to organize the urbanization: there are deficiencies in transportation, we suffer constant power outages in summer and in the event of a minimal storm. Meanwhile, the electricity rate came with a 300% increase, that happens in all public services,” he listed and continued his criticism of the current management: “The radical party is now under the yoke of the management that has been in place for 20 years. is in power and now he was re-elected, after lie to the missionary people. Today he has us punished”, he alleged.

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“We are not going to stick to things, but we are going to debate and seek consensus to improve the quality of life of Posadeños,” he later clarified and noted that his ambition “was previously on the plain, Now is the time to take a risk to raise your voice and seek more integration and progress”. This change occurred at the invitation of “doctors Javier Mela (founder of Nuevo Radicalismo) and Osvaldo Navarro, when they had the first intern with the radicals, which was even prosecuted because there is a lot of black hand in Posadas. They invited me to renew the UCR,” she reported.

Rosario Anahí Schmidt: “In a sexist province, it is difficult for women to transcend because there is a lot of stigmatization”

In the same interview with PERFIL, Schmidt confided that he transitioned in 2012, with the approval of the Gender Identity Law. “At that time I was a member of the UDPM board of directors, I was the first trans woman teacher union member”, he remarked. However, she acknowledged that being a woman makes it difficult to “transcend” in politics, given that Misiones is a “very sexist” province and that there are “stigmatization of men towards women, ensuring that they are not capable, lack judgment or personality. And it’s a lie“Women are in all areas, but they never want to risk it too much for fear of disrespect, they wait for the approval of other leaders,” she analyzed.

“With my involvement I want women to have their own value and see that they can also participate, without limiting themselves. There are many women who are in politics, but they are self-conscious. With the female quota it was reached 50-50, but that half is always led by a man,” Schmidt ranted and acknowledged that she “was lucky” to have been summoned by Mela and Navarro. “They made the activity easy for me and I played it,” she said and explained that “We are not a minority, we are a majority. The minority are the visible faces, but behind them there are many more people. Otherwise we would not have achieved the progress of the Equal Marriage and Gender Identity Law,” she argued.

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The union member assured that “the more barriers they put in front of me, the more desire I have” to participate in politics.

Likewise, he looked inside the UCR and postulated that “In all parties there is growth, but always with some resentment, prejudice or resistance towards a trans woman. But that is the other person’s problem, not mine,” she resolved. “The values ​​of radicalism are almost always the same: freedom, justice, work. We seek to maintain these guidelines, but without gender limitations for development, we want to open the range of possibilities within radicalism. Our Diversity Secretariat has a lot of participation, but it is still limited, it could have more significance,” he acknowledged.

Regarding the gender issue, Schmidt philosophized: “If you look at your hand, you see that you have 5 fingers and all of them are different. How much more difference there will be outside your body! That is what has to make us strong to grow and modify things that one sees are wrong and sometimes, out of prejudice, one does not get involved.” He stated that his commitment is to “seek improvements in the quality of life” of future generations, “so that they have more bearable lives” and concluded: “I am performing calmly and very well in politics, I think I am an opposition to what he does.” He has been in the Radical House for years and is afraid of new ideas. The more barriers they put up for me, the more desire I have”.


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