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The story of the zodiac dog

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The story of the zodiac dog

Original title: The story of the zodiac dog What is the fortune of the dog people


zodiac dog story

Legend has it that when the Jade Emperor decreed to select twelve animals as the zodiac signs, all the animals wanted to be the zodiac signs and conferred gods. Animals try their best to show their strengths. I want to prove in front of the Jade Emperor that he is already a powerful assistant to human beings. Not only that, but animals also want to have their own place in the front, so they are arguing over who has contributed the most to humans… Both cats and dogs are closely related to humans. The cat thinks that the dog eats too much and just lies at the door all day long. No contribution. The dog thinks that the cat only eats good food all day long, and it’s fine, but it’s just chanting, frightening the old man, and it doesn’t contribute much. They quarreled endlessly, so they went to the Jade Emperor together to judge.

The Jade Emperor asked the dog: “How much do you eat in a meal?” The dog answered honestly: “I guard the garden every day, one meal at a time.” The Jade Emperor asked the cat again: “How much do you eat in a meal?” , said: “I can recite sutras, catch mice, and eat a lamp for each meal.” In fact, cats only eat good things, not just one lamp. The cat just subtly told the Jade Emperor that he would be able to support himself and catch mice to eat, then his contribution would definitely be greater than that of the dog.

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After listening to the words of the cat and the dog, the Jade Emperor concluded that the cat eats less and does more and contributes more than the dog. When the dog heard this, he was very angry. He felt that the cat used shameful lies to win over him, so he scolded and bit the cat. The cat knew what was wrong, ran all the way, did not dare to show up when he got home, hid in the east and did not dare to come out.

Taking advantage of the cat’s chance to avoid it, the dog hurriedly went to the Tiangong to line up with the zodiac sign. The chickens flew and ran and lined up in front of the dogs. The cat hiding in the dark did not see the shadow of the dog for a long time, and only after coming out did he realize that the dog was the first sign of the zodiac. It hurriedly flew to the Heavenly Palace and lined up behind the pig, but the little mouse played a trick and hid in the horn to be the first to be the zodiac sign. As a result, the cat has no relationship with the zodiac. Since then, the cat has hated the mouse, and it will kill the mouse when it sees it. Although the dog has become the zodiac sign, he is honest and upright and never forgives the cat.

At 7-9 pm (i.e. “Xu Shi”), when the night comes, the dog’s vigilance is the highest to watch the house and watch the night, and produce a special vision and hearing, which can see the farthest and hear the clearest. So Xu is a dog.

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What is the fortune of the dog people?

Overall fortune

People born in the year of Xu are upright and upright in nature, emphasizing righteousness and faith, and they are courageous, striving, active, intelligent, intuitive, alert, ambitious, enthusiastic, spending money, and a little irritable. Women are rich in inspiration. The charm of a person is easy to change and must be handled by oneself. He is vain, short-tempered, hard-working, unsteady, and patient. This correction will naturally lead to good luck.

fleeting fortune

If the fortune is not optimistic, you need to calm your mind first. There may be a lot of setbacks and obstacles. You need to be mentally prepared to endure humiliation and bear heavy burdens, create a calm thinking environment for yourself, and move through adversity.


I strive to be cautious and conservative in my career. If I can develop outward, I can give it a try in the first half of the year. If migrant workers want to change jobs, it is easy to find a satisfactory job, which will also bring about transfer. It is important to note that the news cannot be leaked until the outing or work change is not successful, causing a lot of trouble.



If there is an extramarital affair, it is very easy to expose and cause scandals, so you must pay attention to prevention. There may be doubts and illusions between husband and wife, and it is difficult to figure out the truth. It needs a little more interest and care to remove the doubts.

Auspicious Marriage: (Yin), (Mao), (Noon)

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Avoid marriage: cow (ugly), (chen), (wei), chicken (you)


Wealth luck is not ideal, and you may encounter a situation of reduced income. If there is income, it is difficult to accumulate. Adhering to the mentality of reluctance, do not make ineffective demands, avoid large-amount investment projects, so as not to fall into the mud.


Dog friends will often feel tired this year, more rest and exercise will help you. In case of respiratory problems and hand, foot, head and face injuries, you should pay attention to your body and be careful of accidents when you travel abroad.Return to Sohu, see more


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