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The Strange Tale of Queta Lavat’s Son and “The Stone Book” Relic

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The Strange Tale of Queta Lavat’s Son and “The Stone Book” Relic

Queta Lavat and Hugo’s head, the macabre relic that he treasured even though everyone was terrified of him

The story of Queta Lavat’s son with “The Stone Book”

Pablo, Queta Lavat’s son, who he played to ‘Hugo’, the boy from the movie ‘The Stone Book’

The late Mexican actress Queta Lavat is once again making headlines with a chilling story involving a macabre relic and her son Pablo. Lavat, who passed away in 2013, was known for her work in film and television, but it is an eerie tale surrounding her son that has captured the attention of the public.

Pablo, Lavat’s son, played the character of ‘Hugo’ in the movie ‘The Stone Book’, a film that has now become a cult classic. However, it is not his role in the movie that has people talking, but rather the bizarre connection to a macabre relic that his mother treasured.

The relic in question is Hugo’s head, a prop from the movie that Lavat surprisingly kept in her possession. According to reports, everyone who knew Lavat was terrified of the prop, yet she held onto it for years. It is unclear why Lavat kept the prop, but it has certainly added a chilling layer to her legacy.

The story of Queta Lavat and her son Pablo, along with the macabre relic from ‘The Stone Book’, continues to intrigue and unsettle fans and followers. As the details of this strange tale surface, it only adds to the enigma surrounding the late actress and her unconventional connection to the world of cinema.

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For those interested in delving deeper into this unsettling story, there is full coverage available on Google News.

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