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The Stranger Knife”: A New Action Martial Arts Film to Hit Theaters and iQiyi Cloud Cinema

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“The Stranger” Action Martial Arts Film to Hit Theaters and iQiyi Cloud Cinema Simultaneously

On March 2nd, audiences can look forward to the release of “The Stranger”, an action martial arts film starring Zhang Jin, Geng Le, Xia Meng, and Jiang Luxia. The film, directed by Li Wei and written by Li Meng, will also feature special appearances by Liu Hua, Liu Fengchao, Feng Lei, and Zhu Shimao.

The movie, set in the backdrop of dynasty changes, follows the story of a charcoal seller who gets entangled in a royal conspiracy as he tries to protect the crown prince’s widow. With thrilling action scenes and a compelling narrative, “The Stranger” promises to provide audiences with an exciting cinematic experience.

“Stranger Knife” will be released through a “split distribution” model, with screenings in select theaters across the country and an exclusive launch on iQiyi Cloud Cinema on March 8th. This unique approach aims to cater to a wide range of viewers, allowing them to choose between watching the film in theaters or online.

The cast of “The Stranger” boasts impressive martial arts skills, with Zhang Jin and Jiang Luxia being national martial arts elite athletes. The film’s production team, led by renowned producer Lu Guoqiang and director Li Wei, is dedicated to delivering a high-quality action-packed experience to audiences.

In a statement, Yang Xianghua, President of iQiyi Film and Overseas Business Group, expressed the importance of showcasing action movies in theaters. He highlighted the significance of the “branch distribution” model for “The Stranger”, emphasizing the need to drive audiences back to cinemas to enjoy the unique experience of watching action films on the big screen.

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As iQiyi continues to promote and distribute action movies through innovative methods, “The Stranger” represents a new chapter in the evolution of action cinema. With its combination of stellar performances, intense action sequences, and captivating storytelling, the film is poised to captivate audiences both in theaters and on iQiyi Cloud Cinema.

(Wang Chao)

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